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Google has made it easier to check your security by “Passwords Checkup” feature

Google has recently launched that “Password Checkup” feature to help you to identify your passwords vulnerability and ensure they have not been the part of any security breach. Password checkup was already available as an extension, but now this feature is available in your Google account controls.

Here are two ways to reach your Password Checkup dashboard.

A. ) By a URL which is, it a shortcut to Google’s password manager and you can bookmark it in your browser.

B.) you can sign in your google account and click on “security” now scroll to “Signing in to other sites” section and click on “Password Manager” tab. now you see the screen below


Here click on “Check passwords” and you will have to sign in again, and after that, you will be at your Password checkup dashboard

Password-Checkup dashboard


Here are three Tab you can quickly see

A. First Tab is “compromised password”

Here Google compares your login credentials against the millions upon millions of known compromised accounts that have been part of significant breaches. Here google accepts that it also considers the dark web to an extent for collections of passwords–but most of the database that password checkup compares against comes from open web crawl.

If your account password is used to open your account, it is call compromised, and now you should immediately change your passwords which are in this Tab here google also recommend you to change the password of accounts which are in this Tab.

B. Secon Tab is “reused passwords”

If your password has been included in a security breach, Google asks you to change the affected password. To best protect yourself, google suggests you use a unique password on each site or app. Here if anyone gets your reused password, he can use it to sign in to your other accounts, and it will be vulnerable for your security.

C. The third Tab is “accounts using a weak password”

Now in this tab, you can find your accounts which are using a weak password that can be easily hacked by someone and your account will be in danger, so Google suggests you create a strong password here. These weak passwords are secure for other people or computer to guess.

Here you may have a question that Google know your password?
But don’t worry your passwords are hashed and encrypted before being sent to Google to protect your privacy.

Since Password Checkup relies on sending your passwords or confidential information to Google, the company is very conscious and emphasize the encryption and hashing for your data like password and user name. So even in google, no one can see your data. All your data is stored in the database in a hashed and encrypted form.

Now you can use this handy and powerful feature for protecting your password effectively

Pawan Kumar

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