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5 must follow steps to get SEO boost for your website


Search engines are getting smarter day by day, the way digital presence is increasing in our life, I can say improving online presence will decide the future of your business.

Search engines are now upgrading their process and getting smarter.

You don’t know what they like but you can follow standard process to boost the ranking by following few of the basic must follow step which should not be avoided.

More quickly you will start doing online strategy for your brand, more the priority you will be preferred on search engines.

Here I will suggest you top 5 actionable steps which you can take on priority to make understand Google that what is your business all about.

Before going to discuss the further steps let me tell you few basic things of SEO-

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website according to search engine guidelines to rank your web pages on top of the search results called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Here SEO is refers the ways where you can design your website the way it meets the search engine guide lines.

More your onsite working meets the search engines criteria, more the chances of your website to appear on top of the search results.

So here I am sharing you the 5 best practices to be followed:

  1. Website Design and Layout:

Website design is hard to define that how Google looks your website and what he likes or dislikes, however if we can say it is your responsibility to make Google know what is your website is all about and navigate its spider the way it loves to crawl the WebPages, your chances to rank in SERP will be high.

Website design should be just like we are having a person to person conversation and you need to spoon feed the Google about your products and services and you should have all the possible logics why your webpage should be rank on Google?

  1. Get the rid of how your customers looking for your product online:

Google’s “spiders” are not a human being thus it can’t think, measure, analyze your webpage as a human can do.

Here you need to learn first on how to make understand a machine about our webpage.

This is very crucial step and you need to understand each and every aspect of “spider” intent.

On the way of optimization, page content plays a vital role, so here you need to specify your search terms.

And the page content should be around the search terms and its phrases, to make “spiders” understand that what is your webpage is all about.

There is multiple tools are available to do a keyword and phrases research.

Here I am sharing you few of keyword research tools which can help you find the right keyword phrases for your business.

  1. Keyword Everywhere
  2. LSI Graph

The above mention tools are very much able to do a keyword research for your product.

Here I am sharing you few of the screen shot to understand how to do it.

Altogether I am giving you the links to go and check these tools.




These are very simple tools to use; you can use them according to their guidelines and get a healthy keyword report for your business.


  1. URL and Meta:

URL and Meta are the first indication to spiders about your webpage information, more you optimize them, higher the chances to get better rankings on Google.

Here I am referring the URL for the link of your product or service which will be directed to users on the webpage.

Please make a note that try to keep these URL as easy as you can so that it can’t make any nuisance while reading your page.

Here I am sharing you few of the example of complicated URL and a simple URL.

Complicated URL:


Simple URL:


Above mentioned both the URL’s are telling a story however I can find the easier one for me and it will be easier to understand for spiders as well to understand what is this page is all about.

Here it is very important to put a keyword in the URL with appropriate “product” category, if you offers the some kind of services, then the category should be “services”.

Here Meta refers for the title and description showing for a domain in SERP.

Please note that you have done the keyword research effectively.

Hence put your keyword in Meta Title and Description to make search engine understand your page content in easier way.

Please do not write anything irrelevant to your webpage in Meta title and description.

Spiders are intelligent enough to understand what you have mentioned in Meta and page content.

If it found irrelevant from page content, then a snippet from your page content will be shown to your Meta description instead of your written Meta description.



  1. Create your website Mobile Friendly:

As per the Google’s latest guideline released few days back and according to it, mobile first indexing will take place w.e.f. 1st July’19

It means that the websites which are created considering mobile friendly pages will be given priority to rank in SERP.

So here is the suggestion is to work for mobile optimization rather a desktop version of your website.

The reason behind this is just simple as most of the searches are triggered through a mobile device instead of a desktop hence Google has now decided to offer a rich experience for mobile users resulted mobile first indexing algorithm has been introduced an will take place from 1st of July’19


  1. Optimize your Page Speed:

Page Speed is a factor of ranking and has been revealed in recent SEO Mythbusting Series, here page speed has been declared as a top ranking factor by Mr. Martinn Splitt (Webmaster Trend Analyst).

Here is the reference given from the Google officials that the page speed is a major factor to rank your webpage in SERP.

Here SERP has been referred for Search Engine Result Pages.

You can check your page speed by clicking the link to check your webpage speed. The tools is belongs to Google and you can check your webpage speed here by putting your webpage URL here.

Here the tool will tell your page speed score with appropriate feedback and suggestions to improve your webpage speed.

As page speed is crucial to decrease the bounce rate of your webpage.

It helps your webpage to boost in SERP.

This Article is based on hand on experience on the said parameters hence these are the top 5 factors according to us could be considered to get appearance on search engines.

I hope you like the article, for latest news and updates of SEO world keep connected with us and suggest any topic you want us to explore.

Comment on the below section or write us with your queries.

Manish Mishra


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