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Google search console has added the new report for video search results

It seems like google is now on the way towards improving its reporting part for site owners in search console as recently we have shared the “Change of Address” feature, which was added in the search console for users, however it was not new feature but extended to new search console interface.

Now Google has introduced a new feature for video search to improve the overall report for video searches on search engine.

The report is aimed to offer a detailed report dedicated for video searches, so that site owners can measure the performance of video content.

Here google is serving the video content in below  format in search results.

SERP page

Video Tab in search results

Google Discover feed

The first view of the report is Video Enhancement Report

Now search console will report on the video content for each of these segments of video result display.

Site owners who implemented the structured data to markup their videos, now can see this additional tab of video section here in this screen shot called “Videos”.

image source: SEL

Here in this report, a site owner can see the pages with errors and warnings for the video markup implemented on their website.

A user can also see the error free pages through this report.

Additionally a tab is also available to push google to re-crawl the page after removing these errors.

The next report will reflect as video appearance in performance report

Google search console has extended its report for video  by offering a new video tab in main search result tab and in the discover feed.

Image Source: SEL

The report will be published for the site owners who have implemented the structure data for video mark ups, or google will self detect the videos on the pages and display the report.

The report is available in Search Console Now.

Manish Mishra

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  • Since March 4 m getting zero clicks using this new report. Is anything change from Google end

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