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Here is how you can verify your Facebook page or profile?

A verified Facebook page or profile offers you a unique and genuine presence on the platform with standout recognition from the crowd.

In this digital era where you have a good number of followers on Facebook, a verified account boosts your genuine approach among your followers and make an authentic presence on the platform.

Social Media leader Facebook offers you blue badge if your profile meets their terms and conditions.

The badge only comes if you have verified your account and appears besides the name of that account.

What does a blue verification badge means?

The blue badge from Facebook indicates that the profile or page people are interacting is authentic.

What is eligibility criteria?

Facebook allows the blue badge to eligible brand pages, public figures, and media organizations.

Eligibility criteria rely on various factors such as account completeness, public interest etc.


How to apply for a Facebook verification?

Here we are sharing the direct link to verify your account on Facebook.


Here are the guidelines to be followed to verify the Facebook account.

Click here:

Please see the below screen shot for your reference.


Here you can click to the link and apply for your page verification by following easy steps.


Manish Mishra

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