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Knowledge and Concepts of Digital Marketing & Management

What is PPC – Pay Per Click, How it can boost your business instantly?

What is PPC?

Pay per click or PPC is an online advertising module where an advertiser pays each time when a user clicks on their online ads running on the search engines.

These Ads basically appears on the search results when a user searching a query. The position of the ads is appearing on the top or bottom of the organic results.

Pay per click is basically used to get an instant lead to generate business, once the ad has been started, you will start getting customer queries.

How Does It Work?

Once an advertiser start a PPC campaign in search engine advertising panel with relevant keywords, they need to now set a bid ( a certain amount they want to spend for per click), this bid amount will decide your ad position in search results altogether there is a minimum amount mentioned there and you cannot go below the minimum amount set by search engines.

For example, the bid amount of a keyword you chose is 25 INR/click and you have opted for 20 INR/Click then your ad will not appear on the top of the search results, however, you will able to see the average position of your ad at the advertiser’s panel.

There are circumstances where you and your competitor spending the same higher amount in PPC campaign for the top position of a particular keyword then search engine may consider all other factors to decide the ranking.

Here is the list of few of the factors search engine consider while deciding the top ranking: –

Quality Score: Quality Score determines the potential of your ad and the score is given out of 10. More your ad is relevant to the subject more your audience will engage and lead to higher chances to appear on the top of the ads list.

This is also essential to optimize the landing page where a user is reaching after clicking the ad as the content of the page should be relevant to the keyword you have chosen and there should be ample amount of information relevant to the subject.

Please keep in mind that a customer will engage with the information you are providing with relative facts and infographics, also there should be an adequate call to action buttons to navigate the user to other relative products and services to decrease the bounce rate of your web page.

CTR (Click Through Rate): CTR is the clicks against the impression means when your ad appears in front of the customers how much customers have clicked it.

So make your ad title and descriptions attentive, eye catchy, add the appropriate ad extensions which are the attraction of your products.

Ad extensions offer relative information another side to your ad messaging. There are few extensions in AdWords among which are site links, callout and structured snippet extensions.

The extensions offer more relevant information related to your product or services which leads towards the positive user experience and considered as a strong point while determining the top position.

(Quality Score: elements are (expected clickthrough rate, Ad relevancy, and landing page experience).

Please find the below references.

(Ad Rank =  Quality Score+Bid

Types of PPC Ads:

PPC ads are based on various key factors like search Ads, Local Listing Ads, Product Listing Ads, Display ads or Remarketing Ads.

So let’s discuss these all type of Google ads one by one:-

Search Network Ads:

Search ads basically appear on the top of the organic result just before the organic result on a specific search term. The advertiser charged once a user clicked on the ad.

These kinds of Ads only display as a search result with title and description without containing any kind of media to display.









Display Network Ads:

Display network Ads, as the term itself, clarifies that display means something to show to users. These kinds of Ads are basically shown on News, video, sports. Blog, article sites where Google have given permission to those websites to display the Ads to their website related to their content.

An advertiser is advised to make creatives based on the size defined by the google and google displays the Ads according to space available on various websites for the Ads.

The content can be image or GIF for display Network Ads. The same clicked based payment method applied to these Ads as well as search network Ads.

display ads










Product Listing Ads:

Product Listing Ads are basically run by e-Commerce companies to display their product in search results. The nature of that Ads is also based on cost per click.

These Ads displayed on the left side of the google search results, these are basically featured ad displaying an image of the product which has been searched by a user containing the price, specification of the product.

product listing ads








Call only Ads:

Call only Ads are a part of search network Ads, in this kind of Ads, an advertiser charged once a user called to the advertiser for a certain period of time.

This kind of Ads is basically used to get the customer query directly through the call to a service provider. This Ad can also be customized to navigate the address in case of an advertiser running a local business.

call only ads













Universal Application Ads

These Ads are basically used to encourage users to download the mobile application. Hence these kinds of ads are basically running on smartphones or tablets. The goal of these ads to encourage users to install the mobile application thus there is no sense to run the ad on desktops and laptops.

universal app ads











What to do before starting a PPC Campaign?

  • To start a PPC campaign, you need to be very much aware of your business keywords for this we would suggest having a keyword research well before start the PPC campaign.
  • Doing keyword research is very essential to start the campaign as right keyword selection may lead the better ROI.
  • Consider the commercial keywords while doing your keyword research rather than using generic keywords as choosing commercial keywords may cost you less and will help you grow within your budgetary constraints.
  • Do not go with generic keywords, it may be high search volume and can get a good amount of clicks but conversion chances are very less with a high amount of pay per click.
  • Run your ad at least for 30 days to calculate ROI, user behavior, and make appropriate changes if applicable.
  • Make various ad copies of your ad to check the user response. PPC is a very good paid channel to get instant business leads but be very careful while spending your hard earned money.
  • Get the help of PPC expert in case you have any doubt or you are not aware of PPC tool. There are many google PPC partners available who are doing PPC campaigns for the businesses as they are professionals, you can take the help of these agencies to save time and cost.

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