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“Dark Theme” in WhatsApp will soon be available for users

App. Personalization is a big advantage for the popular apps where a user can set the options according to their requirement.

The major part of the user interface is theme, Yes everybody uses the theme according to their mood and looks where its vary upon person to person.

Here is a news coming out for the most popular chat app of the world, WhatsApp.

WAbeta tweet

As a part of personalization, many other apps have adopted the Dark Theme whereas it looks like ChitChat giant Whats App is also looking to provide the Dark Theme for users very soon.

As per the news sources, Whats App has start working on dark theme earlier in the march this year.

It looks like this option will soon be revealed for end users to experience.

Recently WAbetainfo for android v2.19.282 has been released with a separate theme setting option.

The option is available on the setting-theme setting – option-choose theme-

wa dark theme
Image source: WAbetainfo

Now its upon you which theme you opt for your application, if you don’t chose any option then it will be set to default theme.

The light theme is the existing theme of your phone  where the other option is available as a dark theme for users.

Once you activate the dark theme, the app will gone into a dark blue color to offer the better experience.

What App looking rigorous to push this option to stable version soon.

Manish Mishra

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