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Google Introducing auto-delete controls for Location History and activity

Google always update its products and services to make them helpful and easier for its users. Whether you are looking for the latest news or fastest drive route to your destinations.
Here your web & app activity and location history are used by Google to make your experience pleasant – like recommending you a restaurant, suggestion for the different hotels as per your previous visit and more. It is only helpful if you turn on the settings.
Google is fully responsible for keeping your data private and secure, and for making your experience remarkable, it uses the information only.
Here in your Google Account, you have simple access of on and off controls for your location history and Web & App activity; you can manually delete all or part of that data. In addition to that, Google announcing auto-delete controls that help you to manage your information even more comfortable.

How you can manage auto-delete controls in a below gif (unveil by Google)

Image Source:

Here gif is showing how you can manage to keep your web and app activity and location history. Here you can choose a time limit for how long you want your activity data to be saved like 3 or 20 months – and any data older than that will be automatically removed from your Google account on ongoing bases. This auto-delete control is first to location history and web & app activity but as per google soon will be rolled out.
This news is constructive for Google users to best controls their privacy and make google more helpful for them.

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