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Top 4 Pillars of Great Creative For Google Ads Display on The Bases of Research.

Learn the four essential elements of great creatives for display ads as based on the Research 

Google recently published an interesting blog on great creative for display ads. These elements have driven excellent campaign performances and meet the goals.

Suzanne Pellican, VP, Google Ads User Experience, shared an article where she discussed all four pillars and validated them with statistics.

78% of advertisers accepted that brand advertising should showcase how they can be helpful in everyday life. It means our creatives need to be capable enough to engage target audiences with meaningful messages quickly. Using immersive storytelling to bring brands and products to life is a good idea for enhancing display campaign outcomes.

Based on research findings, building visually rich ad experiences easily drives the consumers to action.

The four pillars of compelling creativity for Google Ads

1 . Clear Call to Action: Personalization in description attracts more users than non-personalized descriptions. It is found that it performs two times better. This means businesses need to understand the customers’ needs and associate the product & services with their requirements. So the words like “you” to capture attention. Adding product or brand name in headlines and descriptions can easily associate the businesses with the customers.

2 . Connect with a Wide Variety of Assets: Users take action faster if they can relate to your messages. in a study, it is found that 64% of consumers said they took some action after seeing an ad that they considered to have diverse or inclusive. Images that have people’s faces perform over 30% better for their campaign goal than images that don’t. Now brands should showcase the wide range of their products so customers can get the right choice and have higher chances of conversion.

3 . Consider for Smaller Screens: People spend more time on mobile phones, so the images should be clear and adequately visible. It is found that overlaid text under 20 characters performs up to 1.2X better considering the campaign objective. The visibility of the call-to-action should be high in the creatives.

4 . Give your creatives time to test: After launching the campaign, Google suggests waiting for 2-3 weeks to make changes to ad creative. It allows the google ads system to learn and adapt to the most effective assets and render the best combination of ad creative to achieve the campaign goals.

Pawan Kumar

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