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What will be the Off-Page SEO Strategy in 2019? Let’s check it out

The year 2018 is about to end with lots of memories, here in 2018 we haven’t noticed any big change in Off-Page SEO strategy, but search engines are clearly indicating towards the quality content.

Yes, in the year 2019, there must be few of the google update will be released based on user experience, but don’t worry, good piece of content always put you ahead from your rivals.

Google is giving worth to unique content and the same strategy will be followed in 2019 as well as a part of Off-Page SEO.

Building a website search engine friendly is everybody’s dream but somewhere you are always in hurry, thus somewhere make mistakes which leads to poor quality of the SEOpractice.

Here we will describe the best Off-Page SEO practices which will continue in the year 2019 as well.

What is Off Page SEO?

As the term, “Off-Page SEO” itself clarifies that any activity which has been performed on the web page other than our own web page to get the ranking in search engine called Off Page SEO.

In simple words, any activity performed on third-party domains to optimize your own webpage on a search engine called Off-Page optimization or Off-page SEO.

How it is different from On-Page SEO?


On-Page SEO is basically stated for optimizing your own web-page according to search engine guidelines whereas in Off-page you have to put your efforts to get the authenticity of your domain from other authentic websites.

Why Off-Page SEO Does Matter?

Search Engines are not a human being thus has no courtesy to judge your website or webpage authenticity by gut feelings or have no emotions to get personal hence it has been empowered with few of the criteria which are being followed by these search engines to offer your webpage an authentic position and one of them is Off-Page SEO.

Search Engines consider your webpage as an authentic once you are given a backlink to your webpage from other higher authority domains.

Thus this Off page activity is very crucial to build your domain authority higher to get the reputation in front of the search engines, means more the authority, higher the chances to get better rankings in SERP.

Key Elements of Off Page SEO

There are lots of activities which are considered as an Off-Page SEO element, here are each one of them described below:-

Guest Blogging:

This is one of the key elements of Off-Page SEO, Guest Blogging means posting the content relevant to your domain at better websites to get a backlink to your website.

Please note that content marketing is one of the most considerable key factors in terms of good SEO practices. A detailed overview of any subject is being loved by search engines, hence try to make authentic content and publish it to the authoritative websites to come across the search engines criteria.

Guest Blogging is one of the legitimate activity loved by search engines, so always spread the awareness towards your services or products to get a better reputation against search engines algorithms.

Many Guest blogging websites welcome guest bloggers to contribute on their website through great and engaging content. Outreach to those websites and try to get approve your content. Please make a note that your content should only be subject centric only without any stuffing of your product or services. Please do not promote your product or service on these sites otherwise they will not approve your content.

Here is the list of best Guest posting sites worldwide:-

S.No Guest Posting Websites DA PA Category
1 94 74 Business
2 94 81 Finance
3 75 46 Technology
4 93 76 Technology
5 90 69 Marketing

Social Media:

Social Media playing a vital role while marketing a product or services. Through social media you can engage the audience; you can take their suggestions, likes, dislikes etc.

Creating a social media page on various social media channels and putting the engaging content on social media channels is worth towards product or service awareness.

You can engage your audience by creating engaging creative, infographics, event, puzzles, survey etc. and can engage the audience towards your products and services in a very impressive way.

Here is the list of best Social Media sites worldwide:-

S.No Social Media sites DA PA
1 100 97
2 100 97
3 100 97
4 100 96
5 100 98

Social Bookmarking:

Bookmarking your Web pages to top social bookmarking sites can gain your website traffic. Social bookmarking sites are the best mode to promote your content and get relevant traffic on your websites.

Here is the list of few top Bookmarking websites.

S. No. Social Bookmarking Sites DA PA
1 92 73
2 61 51
3 92 73
4 91 54
5 92 75

Classified Ads:

Advertising your product or services is essential to get better rankings and promotion of your product and services.

Hence there are many classified directories available where an advertiser can Ad their products or services, the services are free and paid wherein it the choice of an advertiser to opt for the Ad type as per their budget.

Business Directories Submission:

Business directories submission is highly recommended to promote your local business. Hence it is also a very crucial part of Off-Page SEO to drop your business information to various online business directories to get visibility on local listings sites.

Here we are sharing the few of the list of Business Directories:-

S.No  Business Directories sites DA PA
1 51 50
2 29 33
3 72 59
4 78 60
5 38 32

Question And Answer Sites:

Raising questions and answering the question solves a lot of peoples queries, hence always active on Q&A sites and participate on the topics related to your website. This way you can build trust among search engines altogether your visibility will enhance on the internet edge. This will also help you to get relevant traffic on your website with backlinks.

Here we are sharing a few of the Q&A websites:

S.No Question and Answer Sites DA PA
1 87 90
2 90 91
3 49 57
4 97 69

Video Submission:

Sharing your brand video is worth and it’s a better opportunity to make your audience aware about your product or services. The video is always playing a vital role to attract the audience. Appropriate facts sharing is a good practice to reach your target audience with high interactivity.

It’s a natural way to get a backlink to your website with high DA, PA video submission sites.

Here is the list of top video submission sites.

S.No Video Submission Sites DA PA
1 100 97
2 98 97
3 82 86
4 94 77
5 86 89

Image Sharing:

Sharing images on image sharing websites is also one of the best Off-page Seo tactics, Share your brand images on various online image sharing platforms to make brand value. Place proper title, descriptions, and tags to get indexed with proper keywords in search engines.

Here is the list of few best Image sharing websites:-

S.No Image Submission Sites DA PA
1 98 97
2 95 93
3 92 93
4 98 96
5 100 91
6 97 96

Article Submission:

Please make a note that search engines love content, so try to create quality and unique content without creating any kind of keyword stuffing. Submit unique content with fact and figures, analytical content always worth sharing on article submission sites. And taking backlinks from these sites may cause good rankings in SERP.

Here are a few best websites for Article Submission.

S.No Article Submission Sites DA PA
1 91 73
2 68 44
3 68 73
4 67 51

Document Sharing:

Create unique content in the form of a document like PDF or PPT and share it on the content sharing websites and get a backlink to your site.

Sharing a unique content always work positively for your website thus we always advise you to share best informative content with references, this will definitely work for you and you will definitely get benefitted of that.

Please find attached the list of best document sharing websites.

S.No Document Sharing Websites DA PA
1 94 95
2 95 95
3 92 93
4 92 81
5 67 71

Final Words

Proper Off page activity plays an important role and helps you get better ranking in SERP. The above-mentioned websites are the best of their category whereas their DA and PA could be different at the time you logged in as this depends on various factors and changed time to time.

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