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How to Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile in Easy Three Steps

How to Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile in Easy Three Steps 

If you want to know who viewed your Facebook profile, you can quickly identify that. Many people check your Facebook profile secretly; you can easily find who has visited it. 

You have to follow the following steps to quickly identify the people who viewed your profile.

For the way you have to have the desktop or laptop with a chrome browser

Now let’s start

Step one:

Open your profile and chrome browser and press CTRL+U or right click on the timeline and select the “view page source” option there


Once you go on the page source, you will see the backside junk of the code in the new tab, which is nothing but the code of your Facebook profile.


Step two: 

Now press CTRL+F to find something here in the page source code. You will now see the box where you must type “buddy_id” and find the multiple buddy ids there. Here you get the numeric ID and the name of that ID owner. 

Now you can see his name next to the buddy_id in the same or another line of code.


If you don’t find the name next to the buddy_id, you have to go for the next step.

Step three:

copy the buddy_id, which is the numeric number, and open Facebook in a new tab in your chrome browser and or type in browser and past the copied numeric number after the by adding / for example,


The person’s profile will open who saw your Facebook profile previously.

With the help of above mentioned three steps, you can quickly check who viewed your Facebook profile.



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