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Knowledge and Concepts of Digital Marketing & Management
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Top Social Media Marketing Companies in Jaipur

Looking to hire a social media marketing company in Jaipur?

Great, here we will help you find the best social media marketing agency in Jaipur for your business.

Before proceeding towards your hunt for a Social Media Marketing firm in Jaipur, Let’s have a look at a few of the points about social media marketing…

What is Social Media Marketing?

Creating social media accounts, building social networks and sharing content on social media platforms called social media marketing (SMM).

Here are some interesting facts about social media marketing:

Approx 4.62 billion active social media users reported till 2022 across the globe.

The average daily time spent on social media is 150 minutes per day.

71% small and mid-size businesses use social media for their brand awareness and promotion.

Expected expenditure of around $1268.70 billion on social media in 2023.


Why Social Media Marketing is Essential for Your Business in 2023?

Spreading Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most demanding and profitable platforms that is used by most of the businesses nowadays to improve their brand visibility. 

It is measured that by applying a social media strategy, it helps brands to make aware the customers about their products and services and that will lead to significant increase of brand recognition.

Powerful Customer Engagement:

Social Media has become one of the top customer engagement tools for brands now. 

You can connect with your customers on social media, take feedback, suggestions, introduce new products, cater complaints and give the latest news and updates about the industry is something where your brand needs to follow on social media.

Traffic Flow:

Social media interaction builds trust among the customers, and the interaction leads to more traffic on your website.

When you continuously interact with your customers and answer their queries, complaints, this bond creates trust among you and customers which leads to increased visits on your site.

Cost Effective:

Using social media marketing for brand awareness, lead generation, engagement is a cost effective affair.

As all of the social media account creation and posting content on that is absolutely free. You can even run paid campaigns as per your budget. 

There are lots of privileges you will get if you run a social media campaign like target audience, target location.

These features are more beneficial for small and medium businesses who can not afford a lot of money on marketing.

So by running low budget social media ads a business can reach a specific audience and location.

Beneficial for Search Engine Rankings:

Integrated marketing strategy leads to top rankings on search engines, social media plays a vital role in improving SEO ranking for your website. 

Better engagement on social media leads to traffic flow on websites which is considered as a strong ranking signal for search engines.

In return, your website gets more accurate and filtered traffic which leads to higher ranking in SERP( Search Engine Result Pages).

How to choose the best social media marketing company for your business in Jaipur?

There are lots of social media marketing companies in Jaipur who claim to be the perfect for your business.

But here I am recommending few of the points to consider before selecting a social media marketing agency:-

Social Media Accounts:

Before finalizing the social media marketing firm for your business, please check their social media accounts.

You can simply check their followers on social media, how frequent they are posting on social media?

How they are responding to customers query on social media?

Please check their organic engagement vs their followers, if there are lots of followers on their social media account and the engagement on posts are less, then they have gained the paid followers rather than organic.

Check business experience:

Please check their background, how many years of experience they have in the social media marketing domain.

Try to check the person who is running the business, if he is from a marketing background or not, because there are lots of people influenced with digital marketing nowadays and start running the business without having an expertise over the domain.

Local visibility

Be sure to check if the social media marketing agency belongs to Jaipur or at least they should have a working office in Jaipur.

Do Not go with National level agencies until your business is so popular of you have a good budget to spend on social media marketing.

Selecting a local social media agency will be beneficial for you to communicate with them once or twice in a month.

Altogether you will also save money by hiring a local social media agency, because if you choose a brand in the social media domain, then you have to pay higher on your social media marketing requirement.

Here is the list of top 5 Social Media Marketing Agencies in Jaipur:-

RamRaj Associates:

Ramraj Associates is one of the leading social media marketing companies in Jaipur having been in the business since 2020. The leaders of the company have 15 years of rich experience in the digital marketing domain.

Ramraj Associates is working with government and private clients and has an advanced edge in social media marketing.

You can book your consultation for free by visiting their site:




The second social media company in Jaipur is Upworks Tech

Upworks Tech:

Upworks Tech is a leading Social Media Marketing Company in Jaipur serving the client from last 7 Years.

They are having a best in class team of creative leaders working in social media domain.

They have their big clientele into this social media marketing and serving the different industries like Political leaders, Telecommunication, Retail, Mines, Forest and Environment, Manufacturing, Law & Justice and many others.

You can reach out to upworks team at


The next social media marketing firm in the list is:

Digital Marketing Jaipur

Digital Marketing Jaipur is on number 3 on our list of social media marketing agencies in Jaipur.

DMJ offers a wide range of social media packages, they are doing branding and promotion for their clients through social media campaigns on the social media platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube and others.


The next one is listed below:

Quibus is one of the leading social media marketing companies in Jaipur. They are working in this domain for a long, Mr. Paramveer Singh Founder of Quibus is one of the best digital marketing faculties in Jaipur.

They have a dedicated team of individuals who are working for the company in the digital domain. Quibus is serving a lot of domestic and international clients.


The Next in the list of top social media marketing company is

The Ninehertz:

They design the aura of your brand in such a way that it becomes a buzz feed on the social media platforms. 

The Ninehertz team make sure that you know when people start including your brand in the chatters. 

Improved brand awareness is something you can rely upon for making a footprint in the market. They provide affordable SMO management services for business enhancement that further enhances your visibility on the internet. 

They work hard to promote your business messages on social media platforms keeping your goals strictly into their focus.


How to prepare a social media marketing strategy?

A strong social media marketing strategy is necessary for your business to spread awareness and brand visibility among customers.

Make  S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

Before making a social media strategy you should make a S.M.A.R.T Goals to establish a clear goal and objectives. Without goals, you will not be able to measure success and ROI.

Each of your social media strategies should be aligned according to S.M.A.R.T(Specific, measurable, Achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.

To know more about what SMART goals are, please click the link below to know more about SMART goals.

KYC, (Know your customer):

The very essential part of any business is the customer segment, you should have a strong knowledge of your customer base.

Know your customer, then start to follow them by showing them your product or service through social media, interact with them via chats, take feedback, ask questions, ask for product reviews, you should also know what your customer likes, serve them what they like, educate them by the latest updates about the industry.

Make Content Calendar:

Prepare a social media calendar for your brand, followed by the latest trends and industry updates, schedule your post, content needs to be feeded on a regular basis, so that your audience will be in touch with your brand continuously.

Be Alert:

Be alert about what is happening around the world, try to capture juice from current trends happening around, moment marketing is something to leverage the moment and apply to our social media campaigns to get more attention from your customers.

Use Analytics:

Account Analytics will teach you what is going right, what needs to be improved, best time to post, make further content strategy by observing insights from social media analytics.

Monitor your Competitors:

Keeping an eye on your competitors will help you understand the market with useful insights about your customer base.

After doing a well versed competitive analysis, you will have a good sense of industry expectation, which is going to help you out in setting the goals and targets.

Searching and selecting a social media company in jaipur is not easy but we are here to help you out the best one for you.

Concept Digital Marketing is one of the leading social media agencies in Jaipur with dynamic professionals in the digital domain.

You can book a consultation here with one of the experts any time which is absolutely free.

Our social media marketing representative will help you understand the market trends, what strategy will work for your business and other customer engagement programmes, so that you can lead your domain.

Book a Free Consultation Now or Call us at 9116145123

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