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Google My Business Launch]

Now product editor is open for all category Announced by Google My Business.

Now on 27th July 2019 google has launched the product editor in “Google My Business” for all categories of businesses, except some disabled verticals. Now you can showcase your products to existing and potential customers precisely.
Google My Business Launch]

As per the announcement businesses using structured menus and service list by the third party will not be available, and the menu will be empty now third-party sources of any products, services or menus will be deleted.

What is Product Editor Feature in Google MY Business

This Product Editor allows business owners to build a presence on and the computer to display their products organically and attract and interact with customers. Consumers will see the products on Business Profiles and can know about the products and its details.
It is an opportunity for merchants to showcase his products to the business profile visitors. The product editor is available for small and medium-sized individual businesses. If you have bulk products, you can provide data about the products and get them available through Local Inventory Ads

Now in your Google My Business dashboard, you can see the “Products (Beta)” tab in the left side. Here you can upload products and their details

Product Editor Feature-min
This is a very productive feature to update visitors about the latest products, new launch and high selling products display.


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