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Stages of the Customer Journey In Google Ads, You Should Learn Them For Successful Business Outcomes

If you are planning to google ad campaigns, you need to understand the stages of the business customer journey.

Here are majorly four stages of the customer journey. We can run google ad campaigns considering these stages of a customer journey.

  • Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Purchase

  • Loyalty

These stages help you identify your customer well and select you for your campaign’s right marketing objective. In your ad campaign, you should choose a single marketing objective in a specific stage of the customer journey to measure your campaign well. If you choose more than two metrics, you may be confused with the outcomes of your campaigns.

Below infographic helps you to identify the stages of the customer journey with the metrics you can choose to make your marketing objective to observe the success or your Google ads marketing campaign.

Stages of the Customer Journey in Google Ads you should learn

Now here we will discuss every stage thoroughly


It is the stage in which a brand or product is not popular or launched recently. If you are a new company and want to establish yourself as a brand or have recently launched a product and want to establish it as a brand in its category, you should select the goal as your “Brand awareness and reach” while creating a Google ad campaign.

Here your campaign types would be display and video in google ads

Example: design your ad to make people aware of the new brand of musical instrument


In consideration, stage customer is ready to buy the product, but he wants to consider the most suitable option. In this stage, customer compares brands and choose the best brand for him.

As an advertiser, we need to highlight the brand superiority compared to competitors in delivering the best to its customers.

So brand favorability is the goal or objective for the campaign

Here video, display, and search types of campaigns can be run in Google ads.

Example: A Car insurance company has designed its ad by customer interest in its mind by offering free road assistance in case of an emergency at the roadside or an accident.



In this stage of the customer journey, the customer is aggressively looking for a solution. He has an urgent need and wants to purchase products or services. Most of the time, customers search products on google and other search engine and fill the form, buy a product, or call the company to get the solution.

Here the Google ad objective should be ROAS, and the media mix is video, display, and search type. As an advertiser, we need to make sure the right call to action button and right appeal in ad creative to attract customers and take action on our ad.

Example: The advertiser designs an ad to explain the benefits of the new cell phone subscription plan with a telecom brand.



In this stage, you target your existing customers who have recently purchased the product from you or regularly purchasing the product from you.

80/20 Rule or Pareto principle can help you to understand the importance of this loyalty program.

This Pareto principle says, your 80% sales come from your 20% of customers who have purchased a product from your company. So they should be in every company in top priority.

Your objective can upsell, repurchase, and customer referrals here. Your media mix can be Email and Remarketing.

Here as an advertiser, your focus must be to grow loyalty for your brand. And try to convert your customer into a mouth marketer or advocator for your brand.

Example: A Bank designs campaigns to sell its mutual fund and credit cart to its existing customers.



These stages of the customer journey help us to find the right marketing objective, choose the right media mix, and set a measurable target to plan and successfully implement our google ad campaigns. Optimize the existing campaign well and design a new campaign in a way to have desired results.

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