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How to do a Keyword Research for Your Business?

The keyword is a very essential term for the online visibility of a business. Healthy keyword research may lead your business towards success in a short span of time.

Keyword research is as essential as identifying a medicine for disease, means right keyword selection is a first step to move towards the right direction to achieve the desired goals.

Let’s check it out how to do it?

If you’re a startup or just approached the online platform to grow online then it is very important to do the right keywords research for your business.

If we segregate the keywords, then we can define it by dividing it into majorly three categories

  1. Generic Keywords
  2. Informative Keywords
  3. Commercial Keywords

If you are having a kind of services or product then you should directly approach towards the commercial keywords as your priority is to sell the product or services directly to the customers.

And if you are a writing enthusiast or want to contribute your thought for specifically any topic then you can go for another two categories.

Commercial keywords are showing the interest of a customer to purchase a product or services.

Here we are sharing a few of the examples of commercial keywords.

“Nike sports shoe price”

“Delhi sightseeing rate”

These examples of keywords showing the customer is searching for something to purchase whereas higher the chances if you made all your customers query resolved.

How to identify a keyword which is worth for your business?

Keywords are basically rated based on their search volume and competition is directly proportional to search volume.

Here now you are thinking that how to check the keyword volume?

Keyword Research Tools:

There are multiple ways to check the keyword volume followed by free and paid.

The best tool for doing keyword research is keyword planner powered by Google where you can search for any generic term and the tool will suggest the multiple phrases based on your search term along with search volume.

Please note if you are a beginner and just created your account on keyword planner then the tool will suggest the search volume range like 100 to 1K or 2K to 10K whereas it is little difficult to identify the exact keyword volume for a specific search term.

There are other paid tools also available like Keyword ioaherefsemrush etc, but I won’t recommend you to go with paid tools initially.

However one other tool is also available on the internet and this is still free, and I would recommend to use it to do the healthy keyword research.

The name of the keyword research tool is Keyword Everywhere. This is very helpful to do the keyword research efficiently.




You just put a search term in Google search bar and you will get the search volume just at the bottom of the search bar with average monthly search volume.

Altogether you will get other keyword related to your topic at the right of your search results with their search volume so that you can also aware about the similar keywords which are also very essential for the business keyword research.

This tool is very much helpful for those who are new in this industry and want to do the keyword research.

Keyword research is a primary exercise which should be done even before launching your website so that you can pitch your content with the right audience at right time.

Altogether this will help you to plan further business strategy. Why I am suggesting the keyword research on priority because this will help you plan to prepare your content accordingly which you will put to your website.

Healthy keyword research will definitely help you grow in the right direction from starting of your online business.

If you are not familiar to online platform and you have assigned your digital strategy to some external digital marketing agency, then you should be very careful about the keyword research and ask your digital partner to share the strategy with you in details where you can check that they have understood your business plan and accordingly customize them according to your flexibility.

What to do next after keyword Research?

When you have finished your keyword research, now it’s time to do the competitor research. Why I am suggesting you do competitor analysis just because this will help you to make a further strong strategy for your business.

The keywords you have finalized, just check that keyword in Google search and check the top 5 results.

This will help you to understand your competitor’s strategy to prepare your further plan of action.

And you will get the idea about what they are doing and what you have to do further.

I am not saying to copy each and everything of your competitor, but this will help you to keep the thing in your mind while in your website development and implementation of strategy effectively.

Hope this article will help you do effective keyword research, keep reading our articles, we always trying to bring your queries related to digital marketing in easy understanding theory.

If you do have any kind of suggestions then please let us know, we will try to cover your query or suggestions in our next article.

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