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Google Announces $10 Billion Investment in India

Google’s CEO Mr. Sunder Pichai announced a 10 billion dollar investment in India on monday on the occasion of Google for India virtual live stream event.

The event was based towards a contribution to accelerate India’s digital economy with the announced investment over the coming next 5-7 years.

In the event, Mr. Pichai Said, I am excited to announce the Google for India Digitalization fund. Through this effort we will invest Rupees 75000 crores, or approximately $10 billion.

The investment will be a mix of equity investments, partnerships, and operational, infrastructure and ecosystem investments.

The first phase of investment will be focused to help in enabling affordable access and information to every Indian irrespective of the language.

Second phase will be focused towards helping the small businesses towards digital transformation through AI in areas like healthcare, education etc.


What will be the impact?

This will surely help India’s growth towards digital ecosystem, and it will accelerate India’s digital economy.

Help India to become a super power in the world towards digital transformation.

India is looking for the alternate of the Chinese influence in the Indian market, and in the recent clash on LAC, India has taken strict and bold actions against its competitor China.

This action seems India is serious towards its poor appearance on global digital platform.

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is rigorous enough to take India to the next level of this digital world.

Data privacy is the most challenging task in the current scenario for India, Where China is taking advantage of India by capturing India’s 70% market from its products and services.

This investment from Google will definitely push China back and give opportunity to other global companies to invest in India as an alternative to China.

Manish Mishra

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