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Google Searches & Trends in 2020 in India

In the year 2020, people were more on the Internet in India, Due to coronavirus lockdown and working from home. 


if we talk about the general topic search, then the Indian premier league wins the race and stay on top. Because people could not go to the stadium and watch matches and depending on their TV and the Internet, it was trending. By the way, when IPL happens in India, it always trends in the top ten.

This is Coronavirus is the only topic for which people search more to get the latest update regarding government guidelines, cases updates, and more, so it was also on the second position.

 1) Indian Premier League

2) Coronavirus

3) US election results

4) PM Kisan Yojana

5) Bihar election results

6) Delhi election results

7) Dil Bechara

8) Joe Biden

9) Leap day

10) Arnab Goswami


Near me

For near me, the Food shelters near me phrase was on top in India. Because of the lockdown, people could not move, and the poor and needy have lots of problems, and labor moved from metros cities to their native place. So India was searching more for nearby food shelters to donate food for the needy, so no one was hungry. 

COVID test people searched because this pandemic situation made people puzzled and unaware of the government-approved labs for COVID test. Hence, people in India searched more about the COVID test near me. 

1) Food shelters near me

2) COVID test near me

3) Crackers shop near me

4) Liquor shops near me

5) Night shelter near me

6) Grocery stores near me

7) Gym equipment near me

8) Broadband connection near me

9) Laptop shop near me

10) Furniture store near me

How to…

In the Year 2020, India faced a lockdown, and due to that, people were busy improving their cooking and searching how they can make paneer from the milk. And also to protect themselves from the COVID-19 what they can do or eat to strengthen the immunity.

Dalgona Coffee was globally searched high in the recipes category, and in India, it is in the third position. 

You can see the top 10 How to… list in India. 

1) How to make paneer

2) How to increase immunity

3) How to make dalgona coffee

4) How to link PAN card with aadhaar card

5) How to make sanitizer at home

6) How to recharge fastag

7) How to prevent coronavirus

8) How to apply e-pass

9) How to make jalebi

10) How to make cake at home


In the movies category, Indians were searching movie “Dil Bechara” there could be two reasons one Sushant Singh Rajput, and second, the film itself is outstanding.

Soorajrai Pottru is a 2020 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed by Sudha Kongara. It is in the second position to see the award ceremonies may be fixed but not the searches. It tells you the truth about the movies. 

Tanhaji was also in the third position and was also made a good impact on India Audience.

1) Dil Bechara

2) Soorarai Pottru

3) Tanhaji

4) Shakuntala Devi

5) Gunjan Saxena

6) Laxmii

7) Sadak 2

8) Baaghi 3

9) Extraction

10) Gulabo Sitabo


News Events

If you talk about the news & event category, the IPL is more searched, and Coronavirus was on the second so that you can say people were 

1) Indian Premier League

2) Coronavirus

3) US Presidential Election

4) Nirbhaya case

5) Beirut explosion

6) Lockdown

7) China-India skirmishes

8) Bushfires in Australia

9) Locust swarm attack

10) Ram Mandir



In India, Joe Biden was searched highly due to the US Presidential Election and US election results that also impact India’s life because our software and IT industry majorly depends on the United States.

Arnab Goswami on the second position, and people wanted to know more about the tussle between Arnab Goswami and Maharastra Political Party Shiv Sena.

1) Joe Biden

2) Arnab Goswami

3) Kanika Kapoor

4) Kim Jong-un

5) Amitabh Bachchan

6) Rashid Khan

7) Rhea Chakraborty

8) Kamala Harris

9) Ankita Lokhande

10) Kangana Ranaut


Sports Events

Here is no doubt that IPL is in the first position in this category. UEFA Champions League is in the second position.

1) Indian Premier League

2) UEFA Champions League

3) English Premier League

4) French Open

5) La Liga

6) Serie A

7) Australian Open

8) NBA Basketball League

9) UEFA Europa League

10) UEFA Nations League


TV/Web Series

You all might think that Mirzapur 2 would be in the first position. Still, it is on position 4th because of searches by Indians. Here the Money Heist, a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Álex Pina, was on top and followed by the Scam 1992: the Harshad Mehta Story was on the second position.

1) Money Heist

2) Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story

3) Bigg Boss 14

4) Mirzapur 2

5) Paatal Lok

6) Sex Education

7) Breathe: Into the Shadows

8) Dark

9) Bandish Bandits

10) Special Ops


What is…

Now, if we talk about the “What is…” people search in India. People were eager to know about coronavirus because this parachute virus hampers life worldwide. The bad news was there was no treatment, no information, and no vaccine for this virus. So India was searching more about it. Plasma therapy, COVID-19 were also in the top 10 trends.

1) What is coronavirus

2) What is binod

3) What is plasma therapy

4) What is COVID-19

5) What is CAA

6) What is colon infection

7) What is solar eclipse

8) What is NRC

9) What is hantavirus

10) What is nepotism


I hope you enjoy the information unveiled by Google Search for India.  Subscribe us or email us for any inquiry on

Pawan Kumar

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