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Google BERT Update – Voice Will Be The Future of SEO?

Hello Google, Please tell me the top restaurant near me.

Will machine learning, Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality will change the dynamics of search engine?

Yes, it looks like the future of search engines will based on the voice rather than typing queries.

And the biggest giant of search engine Google has recently released a broad core update to its search algorithm called BERT.
Don’t be surprise, change is a natural process where nothing is permanent in this world, and thus a human life isn’t an exception.

Voice will be the future of search engine queries, rather than typing I would prefer to talk to an intelligent machine which is more upgraded and be natural towards human nature.

This will listen to you as a friend and answer your queries smartly.

Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, and Google voice are few of the examples of voice based machines.

In the upcoming digital age, this will not be a surprise if your kids introduce you with their new friends Alexa, Siri, Google and more, … Hahaha….

What is your thought about this upcoming revolution where life will be influenced with digital edge, where you don’t have any option to step back, but a choice only to get going with the trends?

And once it comes on trends, especially digital trends, you cannot assume your life without Google and its updates.

Here in this article I am going to tell you about the latest Google Algorithm update, which is a sign towards a biggest change on the internet edge.

So this is for you and if you want to rule this digital era, than this will going to be learning for you towards your digital success.

What is BERT Update?

BERT Defination


BERT is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers; it is actually the full form of the BERT Algorithm.

Its basically the latest Google algorithm which helps Google to understand natural language process (NLP) more effectively.

This is the next generation algorithm which helps Google to understand conversational language more efficiently whereas Google is actually understands the words combinations which is called keywords and showing the results accordingly.

Google core algorithm was based on the keyword queries and serving the results on this pattern from Years. However Google has made a lot of amendments to improve its algorithm towards user experience time by time.

And this is the time to move towards a better user experience; hence Google is shifting its search results based on natural language in conversational manner.

Since searches are shifting to voice, it’s obvious to take alternates for better optimization of the search results.

And as a user, I even want the better results from search engines, and search engine is giving the accurate answers means it understands the natural language.

Though Google is working on the update from last couple of years and finally has launched BERT update in the month of Oct of the year 2019.

As to get something, has to lose something, same has happened to lots of top authoritative websites, when their ranking got dropped. And as per the study 10% of the results have been impacted from the Google BERT update.

It’s all about organic results and it’s not just a core update but it’s a revolution where machines are now in the process to learn human language and this is the future.

Machines will not only answer your query in future but lots of research is going on where machines will act as well on the human language, just like human.

But as we are talking on the Google core update, this isn’t good to divert the topic towards other technologies.

Isn’t it excites you to know that machines are smart enough to understand the natural languages and responds?

The deadly combination of Machine learning and Natural Language understanding is all set to revolutionize the way search engine works.

How BERT is working?

According to Google, the mechanism work for a search query is based on the transformation which is the process the words in relation to all other words in a sentence here in the process machine understands the words from one by one in a particular direction.

But in the BERT model rather than one by one in order, it understands the whole combination of words and looks at left and right to a particular word which help machines to understand the intent behind the whole query.

This isn’t based out on software only but Google says it’s a combined effort from both software and hardware to make it possible to put this update on implementation.


What you should do now with BERT?

See, if I would say, there is nothing to do with this update as this has been confirmed by top digital marketing influencer as well as Google’s representatives.

You just focused on the genuine content and try to put your content in natural language or conversational.

See What Moz says about how to optimize for BERT?

Here are few of the examples provided by Google itself to understand that you really need to do nothing but produce a great piece of content.

Even I would suggest few of the below mentioned points to follow –

Long tail queries will be effective: Focus to work on long tail queries on your content, don’t over-stuff the exact match keywords as its fashion is out now.

The new guideline is to focus on long tail keywords; even I would say your content should be more conversational rather focusing keywords.

Keep it as simple as a human conversation rather making it typical with adding jargon and making it complicated to show off your grammar skills.

Quality Content: Keeping it conversational doesn’t mean you are just writing any bla bla like talking to your friend.

Just focus on the topic with factual figures, images, reports, videos. People want an original content rather to read your useless stuff.

Good quality content is always loved by Google and featured snippet is an example of best piece of content.

References: whenever you are exploring any topic give the suitable reference, do not hesitate to give a reference, more you give credit to the sources, more the authentication will be considered in front of search engines.

References offers authentication to your content, they add a weight to your content. But make sure you are referring a quality content related to your topic.

Final Words: Search Algorithms are complicated, but genuine content is always loved by Google, hence be genuine and produce a great content always, don’t try to impress Google but try to sort out the user problem.

Day by day competition is getting worse, and in the way, search engines have to implement more complicated algorithm to filter the best content.

So be competitive and work for the quality rather quantity.

Manish Mishra

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