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No core update by google feb 20

No Broad Core Update: Google Confirmed

Since 7th feb this month, Rankings of most of the sites has lost and few of the pages of top websites gone out of SERP.

People started discussion about the fluctuations, and the rumors gone high for one more Google broad core update.

Obviously from 7th of feb till 12th of feb there was huge ups and downs in rankings which was strong enough to assume one more core update.

But now rankings come back to normal and many who experienced the change in rankings who now confirmed the normal rankings are back.

Here Danny Sullivan has clear the doubt on Feb. 2020 update report

There were lots of fire of tweets and Danny from Google has replied one of the tweets.

Sullivan responded that Google update is normal activity and it run all the time. Also he has shared old tweet linking with this one differentiating between a daily update and a core update.

What to do if still you didn’t get your rankings back to normal?

You just wait for few days and see if it can back to normal. This is a usual for Google to roll back the changes which have been rolled out, it depends on feedback actually.

Relevancy is a major factor if you lose rankings, don’t go nerves, check your competitors and try to optimize your page once again.

Was this really a broad core update?

After confirmation received from Google representative, the important thing to keep in mind that this was not a core update, it’s just a normal fluctuation that happened on every day.


Manish Mishra

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