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Good Bye Position Zero | No repetitive results on SERP

What is Feature Snippet?

A feature snippet is a summarized result for a users query which is appear on the top of the search results with more words appearing as an answer for a query which is different from traditional other 10 results appearing on the SERP.

On Jan 22, Google has made a big change in SERP wherein results appearing in feature snippet will no longer appear twice on result pages.

Earlier to described date, if your webpage appearing in feature snippet then it was showing twice on search result.

Whereas the feature snippet position was excluded from the search engine guidelines to show only 10 organic results on a page thus feature snippet position was called zero position and taking advantage of featuring in rich snippet altogether the same webpage also appearing on the first page listed in the top 10 search results.

But from 23 of January, the feature snippet position has been included to top 10 results and no longer appear twice on a search engine result page.

Here is the official confirmation from Google twitter handle

Results appearing on feature snippet are not appearing on first page however these results shifted to second page of search results.

But this is not guaranteed if your webpage is appearing on featured snippet then it will also be on the second page top position.

But there are lots of screen shots has been shared by SEO communities where they have shown their results appearing on second page top position.

Here on this situation Danny Sullivan from Google confirmed that this situation is not confirmed if your webpage is getting appeared on featured snippet then it will guaranteed will appear on second page top position always

He also confirmed that if your webpage removed from featured snippet then it will start appearing on the first page results.

Here is the example of Featured snippet


What will be the impact on SEO?

I don’t think there will be huge impact on SEO as if a user clicks on a feature snippet then they will not click the same result from search result page once again, because they have already visited the same page, hence putting the same page twice on first page by search engine, didn’t solve any problem.

Now after removing the two results, I think search engine will give chance to some other webpage rather than showing the same page twice.

This is a good move by Google and I don’t think it will impact on any of the search results negatively.

Manish Mishra

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