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WhatsApp New Feature: Video Mute: Have you tried it?

WhatsApp is always in a process to offer a seamless experience to its users and added to this it is updating its app more frequently.

Recently, WhatsApp has released a new feature for android users, this feature is called “mute video”.

The Facebook owned social messaging app has recently announced this through their twitter account.


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This new feature allows users to mute the video while sharing it through chat or status in WhatsApp.

This all new feature can be accessed on the sharing screen at top left as a volume icon.

Users can see the volume icon and are able to tap the button to mute the video.

Image: Google

If you are not getting the feature on your WhatsApp then don’t worry, just update your app by going to the play store and try this new feature.

As mentioned in the tweet, the feature is only enabled for the android powered phones, however there is no sign of updating this for iPhone users yet.

WAbetainfo a popular website that is dedicatedly pushes the updates around WhatsApp had given information regarding this feature a month back.

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