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How Google maps can make your travel destination smoother and hassle-free

How Google Maps can make your travel destination smoother and hassle-free

Google Maps help you not only to navigate but also now it has become the powerful companion because of its some advance features. After you book your trip, google maps new tools can simplify your trip once you’ve touched down the travel destination-from getting around a new place to reliving every moment once you are home.

Be organized with Google Maps for your Travel

With the help of Google Maps, you can see the details of your flight and hotel reservations in one place. When you are going to check-in at the airport or en route to the hotel in your travel destination.

Tap on the three grey lines at the top left corner of your mobile screen, and then on “Your Places”. Now, hit the “Reservations” tab where you can find the upcoming trips list. Selecting your trip will instantly pull up your reservations, and you can even access them when you don’t have internet. So if you don’t have a data plan while travelling internationally, don’t worry, it works for you.

Trip Reservation Google Maps

image source: google blog


See your flight and hotels reservations right from Google Maps.

Augmented Reality gives more confidence in Google Maps navigation.

When you are exploring a city on foot- it is a great way to take in the sights and sounds of a new place. But it can be tough to identify the exact way in which direction to go. With a beat feature called “Live View”, you can use augmented reality (AR) to see which you to walk. Arrows and directions are implemented in the real world view of your camera to guide your way. Google has tested Live View with the Local Guides and Pixel community over the past few months, and now expanding the beta into Android and iOS mobile devices that support ARCore and ARKit.

AR in Google Maps

image source: google blog

Don’t worry you can find amazing local food

When you travel to a city which is unknown for you food is one of the crucial elements where you want to explore famous places or restaurants and famous dishes with local taste. With Google Maps, you can quickly identify popular restaurants as per your tastes and your match. From here, you can also book a reservation without ever leaving the application. Further, you can also find the famous dishes with popular dishes feature, can you have recommendations that what you must-try items on the menu.

Google Maps to find food

image source: google blog

Enjoy the memories and why not share them with your friends and family.

When you have Traveled for a place, you may always to keep such memories with and want to share the same with loved ones. If you have chosen to turn your location history setting on, you can use the updated version of the timeline to quickly remember those amazing and beautiful memories live experience at a restaurant — any attractions which you loved very much and more. If someone asks you the trip recommendations, you can easily export the places you loved to list and make notes about exactly what you liked and share with your friends and family.

Goggle maps for memories

image source: google blog

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