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WhatsApp Multi-Device Support is Enhanced for Beta Users

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support is Extended but in Beta Version. When you use Whatsapp on multiple devices, there are some restrictions, like if you want to use Whatsapp on multiple phones, you can’t use it. But you can use it on multiple desktops and laptops.
Finally, Whatsapp has a beta version of the features where beta users can use a single Whatsapp account of different mobiles. Last month Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder) confirmed that Whatsapp is enhancing the multi-device support feature. Now Whatsapp has rolled out the multiple device support feature to its beta users.
For a long time, users were demanding this kind of multi-device experience that allows Whatsapp users to use it on multiple devices.
Whatsapp has revealed that users can use this feature even their phone’s battery is drained out.

About Whatsapp Multi-Device Support

The Facebook post stated that they are rolling out the multi-device support feature. It is a kind of enhancement of its feature. This feature currently allows users to use a single Whatsapp account on up to 4 non-phone devices like desktops, laptops, and Tablets.
It means that still, people can’t use the same Whatsapp account on more than one phone. People only can use this multi-device support on its PC application on Windows and macOS, or web simultaneously.

Facebook claims that it protects its end-to-end encryption and privacy while enhancing the new experience.
They also claimed that it would synchronize the data – such as chat archives, contact details, starred messages, and more- across all devices.
This new multi-device capability, with each linked device, will connect to a Whatsapp account independently.

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