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Top 5 Free Online Marketing Tools from Google

Do you know? 

Google serves around 40,000 search queries per second.

92% of the search from mobile and web happened on Google.

Top 3 SERP results get approx. 80% of search traffic. 

Google has now become an essential part of our life, Google not only helps an individual but to all including businesses as well. 

In this article I will tell you about Google’s top 5 free marketing tools which can be useful for your business to: 

  • Boost Brand Awareness
  • Manage and Improve Sales Numbers
  • Analyze and Track your Campaign’s Performance
  • To Identify and Reach to your Target Audience
  • Forecast Future Marketing Strategies

So, here is the list of free marketing tools offered from Google. 

Google Analytics is the first in the list of free marketing tools from Google: 


Just starting your business online isn’t enough to make it successful. It is very important to generate appropriate traffic and leads to run the business online. 

And below are the useful insights you can get from this Google’s free marketing tool. 

  • Number of users on your website
  • Time duration of a user who stays on your site.
  • How many visitors return to your site.
  • What is the bounce rate on your website?
  • Traffic origin country or city.
  • How many queries submitted by users.

All these questions will be answered by Google Analytics. You can get the in-depth details of your website traffic by tracking the website visitors behavior. 

This analytical information is very crucial for your business which can really help a business owner to take user’s behavior and optimize the website according to the requirements. 

Google Trends is second in the list of free online marketing tools from Google: 


This tool is really helpful for you if you are searching for a tool which can help you find keywords and and compare it side by side, this tool will also help you to show their past performance, current situation and future projection as well. 

Google trend is actually a tool for users, this tool suggests you current topics which are in trend worldwide, you can also check that phrase’s popularity by country, region and time zones, you can also compare their popularity according to your desired regions and compare them. 

It’s not just only about exploring trendy topics worldwide but you can also get insights, news, stories and many more. 

Google Search Console placed third on the list of free online marketing tools from Google


Search console is one of the most demanding tool for online marketers, this tool is really helpful in assisting you identifying your website’s technical issues like any crawling issues, mobile friendly issue, speed issue, sitemap, robots issue and other feedback regarding your website. 

This tool is also help you identify if your website has any Google algorithm penalties, it is also provide you’re the keywords phrases on which your website getting traffic, what is CTR (Click Through Rate), Impressions, average position and lots of other insightful feedback you can get from this tool.

Here I am sharing with you a few of the top usage of this tool.

  • Monitor and analyze Google search results.
  • URL inspection, submission and indexing request.
  • Index coverage, sitemaps and removals
  • Website optimization by monitoring its speed, mobile usability and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Monitor your website’s backlinks ( sites that links to your webpages)


Fourth in the list of Free online marketing tool is Google My Business 


Google My Business is a fantastic tool to feature your business in Google’s business listing. Your business listing is featured on Google’s first page. That’s absolutely free, which has cost you nothing.

You have to put your business details like your business phone number, name of your business, address of your business there at GMB.

The benefit of this listing is, wherever anyone searches on Google related to your business in your area, GMB listing will be given preference from Google over other top organic results and your business listing has the most chances to get ranked there if it is more likely related to search query. 

Google keyword Planner


To get the online traffic, you need to be very clear towards your business vertical and in view of your business category, you need to select the keywords or search phrases that appropriately suits your business offerings.

Google Keyword Planner is a smart utility tool which offers you segregated results based on search location, target audience, search volume etc.

The entire Google search algorithm works around the keywords, where you need to be very clear towards the choice of keywords for your business.

Google keyword planner helps you identify the keywords which suit your business with related search terms of keywords with search volume, bid price and competition.

Summary of the article:

If you want to grow your online business, then these tools will be very essential for you to accelerate your business in the right direction with data driven correct marketing strategy and planning.

There are other multiple tools available in the market, however I will recommend you to use these tools essentially to set up your business in a more convenient way without investing money.

Now it’s time for you to have a look and experience these free tools to put your business to the sky heights.

I know this list is still not complete, but it will be better. I will explore other free marketing tools from Google in the future, till the time you can play with these tools and can get insightful feedback regarding scope of improvements to progress further.

Which Google’s tools you use often, comment below or if you think I have missed any of the other crucial tools, let me know, I will try to add that in the next part of this article.

Manish Mishra

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