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I want to share the facts of digital marketing, which can help you to not only enhance your knowledge but also help you to grow, and Today we will share some essential and Interesting facts of Digital Marketing. Now let’s start here


Google is giant in the search engine market with 89.96% market share followed by Bing (5.83%), Yahoo! (2.83%), Yandex RU (0.81%), and Baidu(0.57%). 

Search engine market share



 Google has a 90% search engine market share worldwide. And it has 70000 search queries per second, resulting 5.8 billion search queries per day and around 2 trillion searches yearly worldwide.


For Ecommerce sites, 87% Purchase does not happen due to no layer of security.

If your website is on non Http or insecure for transactions, 87% of people do not purchase products from your site.

So take a genuine SSL certificate for your site. 


Here the findings that in Southeast Asia (SEA) primarily in India, China, and Japan, the internet economy has tripled in the last four years to hit $100 billion and will reach $300 billion by 2025 approximately.

Internet Economy in Southeast Asia



 Google study finding says that users expect 3 seconds or less mobile site load time. 

It is recommended by Google to keep the page load time up to 3 seconds. 


The study says that every 1-second delay in mobile page load time leads to a drop of 20% of conversion.


53% of mobile sites are likely to be abandoned because of more than 3 seconds of load times.


Google APAC report says that the average page-load speed in china is 5.4 seconds, where it is 7.0 seconds in Singapore, 9.2 Seconds in India, and 10.3 Seconds in Japan. Here is the list in the Asia Pacific.

Average Page Load Time


79% of consumers still look at information even before at the point of sale in stores.


60% of users do pre-purchase research online using the smartphone, now Smart Phone is playing a vital role in this digital revolution.


Study to Find Mobile Masters in India

Now you may be interested to know about the top Mobile Masters site in India. Google’s recent study considers the five consumer journey touchpoints to find the top mobile masters in india. These consumer journey touchpoints are
A. Findability
B. Product Pages
C. Registration & Conversion
D. Mobile Design
E. Speed

Findability: How quickly and effectively, users can find the information on your site?
Product Pages: How clear are the presentation and call to action on site
Registration & Conversion:
How safe and easy form completion on site
Mobile Design:
Are pages designed considering mobile users
Speed: Page load time is the disrupting factor for the overall user’s experience on mobile


In this report, 80% was set the threshold for all five touchpoints, and among five only on two consumers journey touchpoints rate are the high rated only, and those are “Product Pages” and “Mobile Design” in the Asia Pacific.


Study on Consumer Journey Touchpoints


Now in India, here are the brands Industry-wise are the Mobile Masters.

(1) Financial Services:

 The industry average is 63%

  1. BankBazar
  2. IIFL
  3. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  4. Max Life Insurance

(all are in alphabetical order only)

(2) Retail & Ecommerce:

The industry average is 70%

  1. Amazon
  2. CaratLane
  3. Flipkart
  4. Shoppers Stop

(all are in alphabetical order only)

(3) Travel:

The industry average is 65%

  1. Cleartrip
  2. Jet Airways

(all are in alphabetical order only)

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