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Google Search result not fully rendering -A bug detected

There are lots of complaints raised in google forum about the search results are not fully rendering when user is making a search.

This arising on mobile searches, whereas google has confirmed the bug has detected and they are working on fixing the issue soon.

Here is the Google’s confirmation about the bug caught and they are working to fix this.


Here is how the bug is looks a like

Google has confirmed that the team is aware of the bug and continuously working to fix the issue.

According to complaint lodge on the Google forum, and various screen shots shared on twitter, this bug is troubling people from last couple of days.

However this issue is being faced by very few people and most of the search results are showing in a proper manner to the users

What is the impact of this bug?

The searchers cannot see the appropriate results of their query, doesn’t matter how small number of people facing trouble, but it cause lead to drop of your website traffic, which may affect fewer of the lead of sales numbers for your business. However it doesn’t look a major issue and soon will be rectified and updated by Google as confirmed.


Manish Mishra

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