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how i grow 100 organic traffic

How I Boosted Organic Traffic By 100 Percent Without Paid Marketing?

Organic traffic is something which is expected from every business owner, doesn’t matter how much an organization is spending on paid ads.

Organic traffic is something looks like your efforts have gone in right direction and Google have provided your more opportunity to explore your content various search queries or keywords.

I have done this for one of my client, when I have received the responsibility, there are lots of factors to be considered as the website getting lots of referral traffic and they do not want to harm anything.

I have started with SEO audit first, and done the audit for at least 3-4 days and found there are ample of opportunities there to workout.

Here is the screen shot of Google Analytics before we started optimizing the SEO strategy for the website.


GA screenshot



Firstly I have decided to work at On-Page SEO to get the organic traffic boost for website

The things I am sharing here is not belongs to rocket science, but the little things which we have started doing correct.

Technical SEO:

I have go through the website coding and found lots of unnecessary coding was there on the WebPages pushing web page to load slow.

I have identified the unnecessary code and remove them from the pages.


technical seo analysis is the key to enhance organic traffic


Image Alt text:

The image were on the page do not containing image title and alt text, we have identified the images and provide them the proper image title and alt texts according SEO prospective.

Schema Markup:

We found that the website does not using schema markups which are useful for the display of your website on SERP with rich snippet.

I have prepared the organization schema for home page and product schema for other product pages and implement them successful on the WebPages.

Schema markup basically helps users to find rich snippet along with search results on serp, which enhance the user experience and engagement while searching their queries on search engines.

OG tags or Open Graph tags:

OG tags is a protocol which allows us to make a web page a “rich” object in the social network. Moreover, Open Graph Protocol is a set of meta tags or codes that allow giving major social networks like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, etc. detailed relevant information about its pages. OG Tag enables social platforms to display pieces of information better with a proper link to the relevant pages.


Website UI/UX for better user experience:


website ui ux should be perfect to grow organic traffic

I have found the website UI/UX was not as familiar as it should be, I have redesign few of the part of webpage and implement more attractive call to action buttons.

Website design and user experience is always considered as this helps business to make people understand organizational culture, working ethics, discipline, customer service and other major factors, so website design should be always in a way where it reflect the organization passion and carrying all the aspects of a good design.

I am still working on the various forms available for users to fill during their transactions.

I am trying to make it less complicated with minimum data requirement, so that a user should not irritate while making a transaction.

This is one of the major aspect and human tendency to share their personal data on internet.  Nobody wants to share their personal data with any of the organization until they found it really right in their prospect.

So make it more feasible for users and only ask the details which are actually required to share with your business rather than asking other irrelevant information from users.

Page Speed is necessary to increase your organic search traffic

Page speed is one of the major factors for ranking and it just revealed in myth busting SEO series by one of the Google representative.

Thus always try to speed up your WebPages to grab the search engine attention.

Here is the screen shot after optimizing the home page, however there is still a margin to optimize the page and I am still working on this.

For Desktop

analytics screen shot




For Mobile

mobile GA screen shot


As On-Page optimization is ongoing process thus we are continuously working to optimize the WebPages according to Google guidelines.


Off-Page SEO Strategy to get organic traffic


Now what we have opted for off-Page Strategy for the website is described below.

If I talk about the Off-Page SEO for the website, I was shocked to share that they were nothing to show me as a Off-page activity.

I have then decided to start Off-Page Optimization step by step considering a new website.

We have started it with 5 quality back links daily and below were the activities we have started with.

Business Directory Submission:


business directory submission is must for organic traffic

As a part of our Off-Page SEO strategy we have started with business directory submission and started searching good business directories.

Business directory submission is a traditional method of off-page seo which is not considered or denied by search engines; however directory submission is still going on.

Organic traffic growth by doing Profile Creation

Profile creation is one of the major aspects of Off-Page SEO, we have started creating profiles for the website, so that our online appearance could increase.

Before submitting your business to any of the website, please make sure the website should contains a high DA PA (DA- S\Domain Authority, PA- Page Authority – described by MOZ SEO tool)

Do not submit your business on spammy sites as even getting a backlink from a spammy site the backlink will not worth for your website and harm your website rather than help.

Content Marketing is the key to grow your organic traffic:


content marketing is the key to organic traffic

This is one of the major aspects of Off-Page SEO and I will highly recommend the content marketing strategy for your website.

Google loves content, so more you submit the authoritative content more your chances up to rank in SERP.

I have started writing on various queries of customers for which they are looking for.

I have set a target of 25 articles in a month which is going to be submitted on our own website as well as other article submission websites.

We have approached to free guest blogging sites and not submitted any article on paid sites. However consistency is utmost required while submitting your articles as posting consistent blogs will lead to inform search engines that we are continuously submitting the authentic content which is helping users to choose a product or service wisely.

I have submitted around 150 article in the journey of 8 months for this website and getting good response over search engines and its really helped a lot to gain the new users for me.

Question and Answer submission is worth for Organic Traffic


get organic traffic by question answer submission

Questions and answers forum submissions are the best way to exchange the informative content.

Millions of users looking for solutions to their queries hence submitting a good resolution to their queries build up a trust to your content resulted increase of visitors to your site.

Submitting an answer for peoples query is always worth and leads towards the search engine consideration.

I have submitted at around 70 answers so far for this website and getting lots of good response over the answers as well as getting traffic as well.

Social Bookmarking is crucial for Organic Traffic

Social book marking is one of the best weapon for Off-Page SEO, it increases the reach of your written article, thus whenever I am writing an article, I at least bookmarked it for 10 book marking sites means a single url is spread to various new websites and engaged with their audience.

This is a unique way to spread the information amongst different audience.

Grow Organic Traffic by submitting classified ads

Classified ads are useful for boosting the local seo, as people around your vicinity always looking for nearby products and services.

So this is very crucial to submit your business into classified ads websites which lead to attract local customers and help gain the right audience for your business.

I always believe to serve the nearest customers first and approaching to classified websites is an action doing the strategy in right direction.

So I am always keep my business updated on classified ads sites and its worth doing.

PR submission to grow your organic traffic


PR-submission to grow organic traffic

Anything doing new or getting any achievement is great for all business and spreading it to the audience always worth.

I never miss to share the achievement or any other activity like CSR on press release sites to inform the people about our achievements, new product release or any social activity.

This is worth doing for off page SEO to spread the information to crowd and let them aware about our achievements, doesn’t matter they are our customer or not, but be in the news always worth.

There are lots of other little activities we are performing on daily basis but these are the major activities I have shared with you and gain the organic traffic by 100%.

I always believe to work in right direction rather than taking short cuts because success has no shortcuts.

Do all the legitimate activities wherever possible because it is always worth,  it might be possible that now your hard work not attended by search engines, but nobody knows when they will change the algorithm and you will get benefits of your hard work then.

So always be positive and loyal towards your efforts to get the positive response you are expecting.

Here I am sharing you the screen shot of organic traffic I have doubled in just 8 months.

google analytics screen shot for organic traffic

Final Words:

Here in this article I am trying to make you understand that how i have boosted the website traffic up to 100% by just following simple search engine guidelines.

SEO is not rocket science, but you need to work positively every time to get desired results, don’t panic if you are not getting response, please make a note every good thing take time to happen.

So just work in right direction and your efforts will be paid off.


Manish Mishra

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