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How to find Quality Score

How to Find Your Quality Score in Google Ads

A quality score of your ad copy for a particular keyword is one of the determining factors of your ad rank. With the help of high-quality score you can reduce the bid and secure a higher position in the search engine on the particular search query.

If you have a higher quality score than, you may need to pay less for your ad to get it appear in a higher position.
A high-quality score can be achieved by making ad relevant, better landing page experience and higher expected ctr for a particular keyword.

To reduce the bid amount and make your ad campaigns the best performers, you need to make your quality score high.

Now, the question arises, how you can find the quality score in your Google Ad panel.

Now let’s start how you can find your quality score in your ad panel.

Here are the steps you need to have to determine your Google Ads Quality Score in your report.

Step 1: Sign in your google account.

Step- 1 Signin your Google Ad Account


Step 2: Select relevant campaigns and ad group (You can also go directly to the keywords tab in your left menu)



Step 3: Now go to the keywords tab named “Keywords.”

Step-3 Now go to the keywords tab named "Keywords."


Step 4: here, you will see the column tab above the report or table now click on it for customization, and you will get options “Modify columns” and “Custom”. Now click on “Custom columns.”

step-4 "Modify columns"


Step 5: Now You will see the different drop-down menu options. Scroll down to “Quality score” option and click on it. Once you click, there will be a drop-down which has various options. You have Quality score and Quality score(hist.) options, but you need to check on Quality score options to enable Quality score column for particular keywords.

step-5-1 Quality Score
Now you have your Quality score column in your report which you can access here. For more depth understanding, you can also enable Exp. CTR, Landing page exp. And Ad relevance to improving your ads Quality Score and finally Ad Rank.


step-5-2 Quality Score

step-5-3 Quality Score

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