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Quality Score Analysis & Data Studio

Quality Score Analysis & Data Studio

What is the quality score?

Quality Score is a rating of the ads concerning relevancy, user experience and user behaviour for advertisements.

Ad rank is a multiplication of your cost or bid and quality score. And this ad rank defines the cost per click of your ad in the ad auction process.

Quality score depends on multiple factors are:

  • Click-through rate (CTR) of an ad
  • The relevance of each keyword to its ad group
  • Ad copy relevance
  • Landing page quality & relevance
  • Historical performance of your Google Ads account.

When a user search with a keyword or relevant phrase, see the ad and click on it, Google record this pattern and get an indication of your ads relevancy now as user visit your site and explore your site google record the helpfulness of your site for the users. Now as per the all observation google reward you the ad ranking and the cost.

Every advertiser wants to reduce or maintain the lower site of cost of his bid for which he always strives to improve the quality score so to keep the higher ad rank.

Now we will learn how you can have a quality score analysis and monitor your keyword quality scores. It helps you to identify the critical areas of your campaigns to focus your time.

If you are familiar with Data Studio, you can have a scatter chart, where you can take CTR on x-axis and CPC on the y-axis. Scatter chart will tell you if CTR goes up quality score goes up, and CPC comes down.

Scatter Chart Quality Socre

How to Create It?

First, open google data studio and connect it with your data source here it is Google Ads. Now take a new sheet and add a scatter chart to here now you have a sidebar which is for dimensions and metrics
Select the Dimensions as “Keyword Quality Score” and Metric X as “Avg CPC” and Metric Y “CTR”

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