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Google Introduced App and Web data measurement in Google Analytics

Now it’s become easier to analyze your app and web analytics at single platform.

Yes, you have heard it right, now Google has introduced a combine feature in Google analytics where your app and web both data is available to analyze.

Till the date, businesses have to use multiple Google products to measure their app and web engagement via firebase and Google analytics consecutively.

Google has simplified the process now by introducing a significant amendment to put both the analyzers at single platform.

App including Web property type

A new property type allows users to extract data for app and web in a single report.


Image Source: Google Images


Now you can also measure that how many users landed on your app and then redirected to your website to make a purchase.


Image Source: Google Images



How businesses can measure the events now?

Now businesses can measure custom events in the App + Web without any additional coding.

The new property alignment is more flexible event base model to capture a diverse range of user engagement.

The advanced measurement model avoids manual tagging events on the website and power the automated work progression.

This enhanced measurement capabilities make it out of the box to calculate common web events like users landed, app download, video views and lot more.

Here is the screen shot of the customized event tracking feature.

Image Source: Google Images

Here is the features list to get more rich report analysis

The different technical analysis feature with:

Exploration: Now explore your data to drag and drop facility to get a customized canvas display with instant visualization.

Funnels: Check the user behavior by checking the steps taken by them on your WebPages to measure how user engaged with your content and act further.

Pathway analysis: Analyze the path a user taken and how react to different steps within the funnel to get explanation on how a user made a transaction or leave.

Manish Mishra

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