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search console same day data

Google Search Console became more smart, serving same day data now

Google search console is now get smarter and started serving the same day data compare to previous 3 days old data.

The latest update has been revealed on search console and made a history as users were always demanding for fresh data to approach in search console.

Now google has listened to their users and rolled out an update wherein users now access the same day data in search console.

That means users and site owners will have the access to same day data in search console for first time in history.

It was requested well before and now it took place for users to roam around.

What will be the benefits having this feature in search console:

      1.Users will now able to access the same day data in search console to look into the same day performance of their  website.

  1. Starting a new week without accessing the last week data was so annoying and a user is only able to access the same data by Wednesday only however after new update, user can access the fresh data by moday only to access the website’s weekend performance.
  2. It will also help to track the latest keyword rankings which was earlier showing three days old data.

However it will take some time to get accurate data quickly, but it will be fixed soon confirmed by the Google.

The fresh data have its own restrictions though as it is nowhere available or linked with analytics till now, but hope to see it synced with Google Analytics soon.

Manish Mishra

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