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Facebook Messenger Room has a new option of video calling broadcast through Facebook Live.

Nowadays, after the COVID-19 outbreak lockdown, big tech companies are focusing on video calling application because of its demand is growing very fast. Facebook has recently launched a video calling tool Room and now updating it with new features to attract users.

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Now Facebook is showing it on its user interface, but some users are complaining that it is annoying them because anyone adds them in his messenger room. But Facebook is taking feedback positively and making this video calling feature better for people. In this series of improvements, Facebook has launched an option where the user can live it on his timeline while he is video calling with multiple users.

Facebook has announced that messenger room users can broadcast their group video through Facebook live. It will help users to Facebook live his room with 50 users in his video calling.

This video conferencing can be broadcast on the user’s timeline, page, and groups. The company says they are giving more options to connect people by syncing Messenger Room and Facebook Live.

Here we want to tell you that video calling with 50 people in messenger can be broadcast through Facebook Live, but viewers don’t have an option to add themselves in this live conferencing, but they can see this live video conferencing, but they can comment in it.

Now, this would be interesting to see how people react to this feature. This feature probably will add more videos in news feeds.

Pawan Kumar

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