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How to setup Google Analytics Custom Alert

A User Guide to Know Everything About Google Analytics Custom Alerts

Google Analytics Custom Alerts: What It is, How to Create Custom Alerts, and Benefits of it with Examples.

What is Google Analytic Custom Alert

Google Analytics gives you an option to receive an email when something desirable and undesirable occurs on your website. Such as traffic, sessions, conversion increase & decrease, city, country-related traffic, and more.

Here we will tell you how you can set up Google Analytics Custom Alerts to save your time and draw your attention.


Here are some cases to make you understand the importance and benefits of Google Alerts

Case 1: Michael has an e-commerce site, sales music instrument, and sells 50 instruments daily online, but yesterday he got only ten sales only how this can draw his attention to take necessary steps. Google alerts help him to understand the problem.

The problem may be any technical issue in his site like the cart is not moving to checkout, Product inventory is exhausted on site

Any external factor like any government decision that demotivated buyers to buy musical instruments

Case 2: Anita is an SEO manager of a company with multiple clients, and she wants to track any % of increase or decrease in users on-site in google analytics. Here, Google Analytics Alert will help her find the fluctuation to identify the projects’ progress.

Case 3: Mariya wants to track traffic from the united states because she has asked her team to work hard in the united states to get more conversion, and she has targeted a 5% daily increase daily in conversion. Now she can create an alert to find when this goal is achieved.

There are many ways you can create a custom alert in Google Analytics here, and we will tell you how you can create an alert.

How to setup Google Analytics Custom Alert- (A video is added in Hindi)

Go to your google analytics account by signing it and select the right account, property, and view.


Now in right side bottom select “admin” or gear icon and go in “view” column there


In the “view” column, you find an option called “Custom Alert.”

Here to create a new alert click on the “New Alert” option

Now in “Alert Name” section name your alert so you can identify it well

Select the view in which you want to apply this alert, here you can select multiple views to track the alert if you get multiple views all views reporting will be sent to your email id.


Now you can select the period for which you want to have the alert

For example, if you want to track the increase or decrease in the sessions this week with the previous week you can select the week and similarly day and month you can select here

Now select the right condition to create an alert, by default, it is “All Traffic,” but if you want to select any applying condition, you can do that.

For example, if we want to get alert for users’ decrease from the united states, you select the country “United States” herein “This applies to” section.



Now in “Alert me when” section selects the matric available here as per our above example, we will select the user metric, “Users.”


There are multiple conditions you can set up generally. These are greater than, less than, % increase and decrease.

In the value section, you can put the value as per the above example we can set this as if we get a 10% decrease in our users, we will get alert.


Now we can compare this value with our previous period or previous period of last year as per our requirements.

Please make sure you checkmark this “Send me an email when this alert triggers.” to get alert on your registered email id. If you want to add any other email id to get alert, you can add it here.


This Google Analytics Custom Alert saves your lots of time, and you can utilize that time in another productive work. Another benefit is that you can quickly find any error if you have on your site and rectify it immediately.

Here You Can Find the Video in Hindi For How to setup Google Analytics Custom Alert


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