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Google Accepts that Maximum Android Users Prefer Three Button Navigation rather than Gesture-Based Navigation

Google has released the public beta version of Android Q, the advanced and tenth major release and the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system. Android Q will have the gesture navigation as default, but there will be an option for users to switch to the navigation keys.

Google, in its new version of Android taking pains to make a case for why changed to the gesture-based navigation bar. Google accepts that most of the users like three key navigation bar which has been prevalent in Android phones all along. It means that touch on the navigation bar at the bottom of your Android smartphone display to go back, return to home, open the app drawer and to open the recent app use cards. However, a significant change is on the way for Android phones.

Google, in its Android Developers Blog, says “By moving to a gesture model for system navigation, we can provide more of the screen to apps to enable a more immersive experience”.

There is no doubt that gesture-based navigation can be a faster and more natural way to navigate the interface on your phone; this would be more immersive and less prone to accidental touches. Apple iPhones lovers have experienced this in their phone since the iPhone X in 2017.

Here are also some challenges in gestures are it provides a steep learning curve, nay not be easy for all users and not ideal for a few apps too.

Google says ” A unique element of Android navigation since the very beginning is the Back button. It is appreciated by many users that find Android easier to navigate and learn,”.

Now gestures navigation is the option for Android phone users but not the mandatory as such. Alternatively, many users decide to stick to the conventional navigation bar just because of the familiarity and simplicity of button-based navigation.

Google accepts, “But most of all, we realized that there was a larger issue of fragmentation when different Android phones had different gestures, especially for Android developers,”.

Google confirms that over the last year, it worked with Android phone makers, including Xiaomi, HMD Global, Samsung, OPPO, OnePlus, Motorola and LG, to standardize gesture navigation.
It may be good news for you. “Three-button navigation will continue to be an option on every Android device,” confirms Google.

Pawan Kumar

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