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Goal or Objectives to make your Google Ads Campaigns Measurable and Successful

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This article helps you to make your google ads marketing campaigns successful

Now, if you are planning to run google ads for your business, you need to have a clearly defined business goal and objectives. The objective must be measurable and consist of a clear time frame. Your goal must be SMART more. You can read here about smart objectives.

Now we have to understand different types of objectives before starting the Google Ad Campaign. 

  • Business objective
  • Marketing objective
  • Media objective
  • Campaign metrics

Business objective:

The business objective is the topmost goal for your company, and this could be more focused on revenue generation, profit-making, and sales volume increment. If you see a big organization you will find there multiple lines of business and all have their own set of goals. Before running your ad you need to clarify this goal well to measure the value of your campaigns for your business finally.


Marketing objective:

Marketing objectives are goals that help achieve the business objectives mentioned above, and the marketing objectives are made by creating a marketing strategy of a business. These goals are generally created in large organizations. Where there are multiple products and services, then such objectives help you to define goals well. Example of such objectives are

  • Lead generation
  • Build brand awareness
  • Exploring a new market for a product
  • New customer acquisition 
  • Grow digital presence
  • Brand loyalty programs
  • Customer retention
  • Grow market share 

Media objectives: 

Media objectives are crucial while selecting the medium or marketing channel or platform through which you want to promote your product and services. Media objectives help to achieve the marketing objectives of your business. In your google ads, your media objectives can be for your 

  • Youtube or video, 
  • search engine, 
  • display platforms,
  • social media
  • Email

Example: you want your target audience to consider your product. You want to create a search campaign to get more consideration by people searching your product (target audience). After considering all internal and external factors and history, you have decided to achieve 10000 clicks in a month on your search ad.

Campaign metrics:

Now the campaign metrics are the metrics used to measure the success of media objectives discussed above. These metrics are many google ad campaigns like a number of clicks, impressions, click-through rate, ad frequency, cart abandoners, and more. But you choose one to measure your media objective like above. We choose to achieve 10000 clicks in a month for your search ad campaign.

Now before starting your digital campaigns, you need to consider all objectives well to make sure of robust measurement and success, your all the above objectives must be SMART Objective read here.


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