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Facing Counterfeit Goods in Search Result Issue, Here is the Solution By Google

Now Google has given a form where you can send a request to Google to review and take the counterfeit goods from Google Search.

If you are facing problems related to your product or goods counterfeiting within the organic or Google search results then Google has provided a form through which you can submit the request for removal. It is similar to the DMCA process. In the DMCA process, you can request the removal of stolen copyrighted content from Google search results.

As per Google, what are counterfeit goods?

As we all know, Google Ads does not allow the products from being advertised on Google Ads platforms. It describes counterfeit google as the goods which contain a logo or any trademark symbol that is similar or substantially indistinguishable from the trademark of another. They claim the product’s brand features to try to pass themselves as genuine or original products of the brand owner.

How can you report counterfeit goods to takedown from Google search?

Now Google has provided a legal troubleshooter form, which is similar to where you report copyright and other legal notices in Google search. Now here you find a new option, “Counterfeit.”

How can you report counterfeit goods to takedown from Google search?

Select this option to report counterfeit goods for takedown review. Google will take notice on your request and remove illegal content from search upon notice from right holders (e.g., DMCA) and other authoritative bodies. 

Now Google has claimed that this policy only applies to counterfeit and doesn’t apply for non-counterfeit forms of trademark infringement.

Process After Submission

Google also has cleared that at the time being, this process is manually similar to DMCA request takedowns. Here Google employees will review the request and decide to take down the content or not.

But in the future, Google will use these submissions to develop ranking algorithms and create a system to assist Google further limit the visibility of websites that are found continuously selling counterfeit goods. It will help Google to stop counterfeit goods in its organic results more efficiently and algorithmically.

What is the use of it?

This will help site owners to sell legitimate goods without any worry of illegally selling counterfeit goods. It gives a mechanism to report these activities to google and give a hard time to those publishing counterfeit goods.

Pawan Kumar

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