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Google Ads is Going to Give More Control to An Advertiser in Smart Bids

Google is going to roll out new updates to give more controls to Google Adwords users or marketers. Now in the coming weeks and months, they will have new bid strategies.

A. Campaign Lever Conversion Settings:

Till now, we can only set the conversion goal at account level not on a campaign level, so we have only one type of conversion goal for which we run different campaigns. Now it is significant that you can set conversions at the campaign level. You will be able to set conversion goals for every campaign rather than just at the account level. We can understand it with an example like You won’t run a campaign for generation more downloads and in other campaign desire to get demo request form fill. Here in both campaigns, you will be able to run campaigns with different conversion based smart bidding strategies and conversion reporting, respectively. Moreover, you will be able to group conversion actions at the campaign level.

B. Seasonality Adjustments Smart Bidding:

Advertisers in smart bidding have been looking for such options to manage to bid as per the seasonality spikes. Lively bidding for shopping campaigns will soon add seasonality signals and price competitiveness. Also, add seasonality adjustments based on your promotion calendar. Here Advertisers will be able to schedule changes as per his higher and lower chances of conversion.
Conversions predictions model, so seasonal adjustments will only be applicable when you’re using conversions-based bidding strategies.

C. Maximize Conversion Value:

Google launched the maximize conversions bidding strategy in 2017; now, it is adding maximize conversion value. Now by adding maximize conversion value aims to generate as many conversion within the advertises budget, and produce the optimize and most significant conversion value within the assigned budget. It will be rolled out in the coming months to give you more flexibility to assign value to conversion actions. Conversion value rules will be made on the bases of location, devices, and audience.
Now google aim is to give advertisers more control0 in smart bidding strategies because more than 70% of marketers are using automated bidding.

These all three bidding-related updates are going to be revolutionary and more productive for the Google Advertises.

Pawan Kumar

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