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Moz Domain Analysis- A free tool for SEO Matrix


Domain analysis, a free tool has been introduced by search marketing analyze company MOZ on Wednesday.

The tool provides an overview of SEO matrix for the domains.

What is the importance?

This is a good news for marketers as every business cannot afford to go with premium tools everytime, and always search for a free tool, doesn’t matter the free tools are giving a fewer info but it works for small marketers.

Similarly it a tactics as well for the tool companies to offer free services to customers and when they adicted to this, the tools become paid.

We have seen a lot of tools here doing such marketing tactics by offering free services to gain the audience first.

Here in this tools the same case happening as the free tool is offering limited access to the information, however a plenty of options are available for call to action to convert free customer towards paid subscription.

The tools has different features to explore

Here is the content list revealed by MOZ

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Linking Root Domains
  3. # of Ranking Keywords
  4. Spam Score
  5. Top Pages
  6. Top Linking Domains
  7. Discovered and Lost Links
  8. Keywords by Estimated Clicks (new)
  9. Top Ranking Keywords
  10. Top Featured Snippets (new)
  11. Top Branded Keywords (new)
  12. Keyword Ranking Distribution
  13. Top Search Competitors (new)
  14. Top Search Questions (new)

The list describes that this has added few new features which look extremely good for current SEO prospective as well as future of SEO.

The New experimental matrix has been introduced to measure the extensive depth knowledge of SEO. Here is the list of some of the features:

Keywords by estimate clicks:

This feature, we haven’t experience before as it explores the estimate clicks for a website based on the keyword search volume, competition, website ranking etc. and calculates the estimated clicks for a particular website for a certain time period.

Top Feature Snippet

Feature snippets are very much crucial for SEO these days as feature snippet placement position is zero, where it is very important to analyze the feature snippet content and accordingly improve the website content, so that you can stand a step ahead from your competitors and can grab the position of featured snippet with your powerful content.

Branded Keywords:

Here it is important to measure the ranking keywords for the competitor altogether the queries based on the branded keywords are very much essential for a brand. As it is a very difficult task to find out the branded keywords for any competitors, here MOZ looks to solve the problem by providing branded keywords volumes for a brand. Its cool… isn’t it?

Search Competitors?

Here in this part of the tool, a user will look around its competitors and their search terms where they are ahead of you. This is very essential to look around the queries for your competitors, where they are ahead of you as you cannot find among thousand of queries where your competitor is ahead, here Moz will help you out.

So here are the few of the top new featured has been revealed from MOZ and it looks free initially for users to have an experience of these features and analyze even if the tool really helps the marketers.

Here it is interesting to see the free availability of the tool, by the time its free, lets go and explore the world of SEO.

Manish Mishra

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