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LinkedIn Launches Advanced Features in Sales Navigator to Enable Users to Better Engage with Buyer.

Linkedin’s Sales Navigator is a tool to help companies to target their prospects or leads on one, and one base offers products and services to them as per their needs. Linkedin continuously works on its tools to enable sellers and buyers in an excellent way to help them and meet each other as per their requirements and offerings.

Here the seller must be confident about the understanding of customers’ challenges and goals. If a seller targets a customer, it is not just selling a product or service but selling a trusted relationship, and the pivot of this relationship is the buyer.


These features are released considering buyers first through intelligent action, simplified day to day activities, and consistent insight into keeping relationships warm.


This professional social platform has added new features in its tools sales navigator, and these are following.

Intelligent Action

Simplify the Day-to-Day

Relationship Building

Intelligent Action

It consists of alerts for enhancing the opportunities of engagements and ensuring Sales Navigator users do not overlook the essential updates. These alerts are

Buyer Interest Alerts: Here, when your leads who are targeted employees or leadership at a saved account have engaged with your company’s LinkedIn page or company website. This alert helps you to understand the buying intent and helps you to decide when to engage. Allowing you to provide a timelier and more customized buying experience. Here LinkedIn has claimed that its team will continuously enhance the buyer interest alerts model and include more signals that will allow Sales Navigator users to target the right buyer at the right time.

Relevancy for Alerts: With the help of predictive artificial intelligence, this feature will surface the most important alerts, so Sales Navigator Users don’t overlook the important updates, which may be necessary for building and maintaining relationships with their buyers.



Simplify the Day-to-Day

Here CRM and Sales Navigator have come closer, and this new CRM Sync Enhancement enables you to auto-saving CRM leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. And by using this feature, Sales Navigator User receives alerts and other intelligence on the CRM records. With the help of such alerts, Users can consistently engage with the right people at the right time.

Relationship Building

This feature, as per the LinkedIn Sales Navigator user, can easily and quickly understand the last communication or touchpoints with the prospective lead or existing customers to prioritize time and keep warmer relationships. This Linkedin Outreach Activity column to Lead Lists includes the following and help especially when face to face meetings are not possible are

  1. InMail and Messages Sent by the sales navigator user, and the corresponding response, including the response received and/or attachment, clicked
  2. Connection requests sent by Sales Navigator user from sales navigator and Linkedin and corresponding response after request accepted
  3. Smart links sent by the Sales Navigator user and the corresponding response, if opened


Source: LinkedIn Blog

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