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How Brands Create Positive Association in Customers Minds by Focusing on Emotions and Value together. Some Interesting Examples Here

Provoking Positive emotions always be a good idea for a brand. Here, we will share some exciting videos from brands that have provoked emotions for them. These brands have successfully created a positive association in customer’s minds for themselves. These brands’ primary objective is to create a positive association in customers’ minds. Strong positive feeling helps brands get strong consideration in customers’ minds while they buy products or services.

These associations can be positive and negative, and a marketer must be very attentive while choosing the storyline and associate it with the brand positioned value. We have recently found that many brands have failed to provoke positive emotions in customers’ minds such as Tanishq ad campaign has been unable in that hope you know about that.

Here we will discuss some exciting and heart touching ad videos from the brands that have successfully associated the positive association in customers’ minds and have also increased the company’s sales revenue.

Let’s discuss some interesting examples of such video campaigns from the brand.

Samsung India

In this commercial ad film, Samsung focuses on after-sales service and shows a very remote place and telling that they can reach any place. Now the message goes into the customers’ subconscious mind, and when they think about any electronic item to purchase, they will consider the after-sales services. Showing the disabled people in the video, Samsung associates a kind emotion with its audience and telling everyone is very important for them. This Video ad was compelling and helped to create a powerful feeling in customers’ minds.


Coca Cola

Coca Cola is an international brand, and it is served at the time of celebration of any festival or any special moment. Here Coca Cola chooses Christmas and surprises people who work during the festival season. They forget about their festival and help others celebrate their festive moment, and a surprise gift creates a euphoric emotional moment for them. This is a heart-touching ad commercial.

Here when any customer has any special moment and wants to celebrate the moment. In this celebration, the people who help him celebrate come around him, and this ad commercial helps to recall the Coca Cola to enjoy this moment.


Tata Motors

Tata is known for trust in India for decades. Their Automobile sector is also very old. It has produced many successful cars like TATA Indica, Indigo, Sumo now Tiago, Tigor, Harrier, Nexon, and many more. In this video, tata has connected all nodes and shows a journey from start to today. Here the main focus is to tell about TATA motors’ trustworthiness and create an association offering transformation with trust.

Dominos India

Mother’s day is always an emotional day for all humans. Now here Dominos shows that emotion on Mother’s Day occasion and try to create a positive emotion in customers’ mind and offers the easiness of its application for order booking by showing even easier by any old age people. Dominos has successfully created a positive and heart touching association with its online ordering app easiness value.

We will add more examples and explain how marketers create positive associations by adding emotion-provoking content with its specific product and service focus or Unique selling Proposition (USP).


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