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What is Sales Copy and How to Write it

What is a Sales Copy and How to write, 10 Important Elements of Sales Copy

What is Sales Copy 

Sales copy is a text part of any post, image, and video that conveys the message to the targeted audience and appeals to users to take action.

Sales copy is an integral part of any post to convenience prospects about the product. It can be product or service specifications, problems, solutions, offers, and more.

It is equally essential with images and videos because only image and video may convey some other messages. So, clarifying the communication, sales copy is very much required.

Example: you may not see any phone image without any message in the image because a post of a phone without any text copy can have a different meaning there.

A video of a vacuum cleaner without its specification and unique features

So, Writing an appropriate sales copy showing the right value is very crucial. Many marketers take sales copy casually and just cluttered all things about the products and services into the post; therefore, it loses the message and attraction to the prospects.

To allure the prospects towards your products and services, you have to write a focused and right intended sales copy. It must evolve with your target audience.


                                  Source: Google India


So I hope you understand what sales copy is and why it is so important.

We will discuss the different elements of the sales copy, and various types of sales copy to write.

Writing a sales copy requires refinement and testing to get a copy, which helps you get more customers to your business.

Essential elements for writing the sales copy are

  1. Clear Goal and Focused: Before writing your sales copy, you need to identify your objective like you want to spread awareness or consideration or conversion. You have to focus on the products USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or any attribute you wish your customer should think about.
  2. Innovation and Advancement: Every company follows the product life cycle rules and focuses on product innovation and advancement to attract potential customers and new markets and customer segments.
  3. Target Audience Analysis: You need to identify your customer well before writing sales copy
  4. Compelling Words: Add some evocative words to compel customers to take action on your ad or post
  5. High Readability: Your sales copy must be clear and lucid and should have higher readability so one can understand your message well.
  6. Storytelling: Create a story so you can ferment the emotions in a prospect’s mind, and that helps you to meet your desired marketing goal

                                 Source: Tata Motors

  7. Problems of the buyers: For writing a good sales copy, you can start with the problem for which your product or service is a solution. This is the most powerful and common way of writing sales copy for the service industry because a service has intangibility in nature
  8. Product benefits: Most commonly, you see lots of posts showing product benefits, but these are straightforward sales copy. It is required to talk about product features and benefits.
  9. Offers: If you have a conversion objective, your marketing team must frame some reasonable offers to get prospects converted and the same offers you can add to your sales compy to meet the objective. Here can be any offers like discounts, freebies, free subscriptions, and more.
  10. Appealing Call to Action: Now, this is essential for your sales copy. If you miss this, your whole objective may fail. Call to action can be any button, link where you ask your customer to take action. It is the first objective of your sales copy where after reading the sales copy, your customer takes action. If you don’t add this, you can’t achieve your goal.


We will discuss all elements of your sales copy thoroughly in our next article.


Pawan Kumar

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