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Higher chance you have to rank articles or post and pages in Google

Here is little higher chance to rank articles and pages in Google SERPs by Marketer just because recently Google has announced that it is not going to rank more than two search results from a single domain in its SERPs.

It is good news for the people who want to rank their pages on Google.

Here on Google Search twitter account said @searchliaison

As per the feedback from the users and want to give more variety to searchers google is launching a new change where more site with diversity will come in google results

This site diversity change means users will not see more than two results from the single site on a particular phrase usually. However, Google will still show more than two results where their system determines that show more than two results are more relevant to users and can help him more.

You can take the example like any brand search when someone directly searches for a particular brand the search results will be more than two from the single domain.

Like if you search for Amazon or any other brand than there would be more than two results.

Google has also evident in its tweet that a subdomain of a root domain will be considered the single domain in search results and will refrain from showing more than two results from the same subdomain and root domain.

For example, if you have your and subdomain that results from both will be considered the same, and Google will only show two results there

Here google reserve the rights two show more than two results in the SERPs, but they also accept that it will not be perfect and gradually they will achieve this. I think referring to this news you have higher chance to get your articles or post and web pages rank higher in Google SERPs.

You should better work on your pages so that you can rank your page higher.

Now it is quite interesting to see how diversified results would be and how much they help the users in the future because, in history, Google has fluctuated these diversity-related guidelines.

Pawan Kumar

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