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Google Revealed Trends & Searches in the Year 2020 Globally

Google has revealed the trending in 2020 search queries globally and in different countries.
You can find the top 10 trends in 2020 in different categories are
Searches, News, People, Actors, Athletes, Games, Lyrics, Movies, Recipes, TV Shows, Concerts, Loss, and others.

Now we will discuss some of the popular categories one by one for Global.

A. Searches  

There is no doubt that “Coronavirus” would be the most searched term globally because this pandemic affects every human being live on earth. US “Election results” follow it because whenever an election happens in the United States, it becomes the global topic and trend in the top 5.

1) Coronavirus

2) Election results

3) Kobe Bryant

4) Zoom

5) IPL

6) India vs. New Zealand

7) Coronavirus update

8) Coronavirus symptoms

9) Joe Biden

10) Google Classroom

B. News

For news as well, both topics were on the top two places in the same manner.

1) Coronavirus

2) Election results

3) Iran

4) Beirut

5) Hantavirus

6) Stimulus checks

7) Unemployment

8) Tesla stock

9) Bihar election result

10) Black Lives Matter

C. People

Joe Biden was searched the most and on the top searched in the people category, followed by Kim Jong Un, Boris Johnson was on third, and Kamala Harris was in the fourth position

1) Joe Biden

2) Kim Jong Un

3) Boris Johnson

4) Kamala Harris

5) Tom Hanks

6) Jacob Blake

7) Kanye West

8) Ghislaine Maxwell

9) August Alsina

10) Ryan Newman


D. Movies

Oscar 2020 winner movie “Parasite” was on top search on Google globally and this is South Korean movie, a  black comedy thriller film, and on the second leading position, you can see 1917. 

1) Parasite

2) 1917

3) Black Panther

4) 365 Dni

5) Contagion

6) Tenet

7) Enola Holmes

8) Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

9) Mulan

10) Jojo Rabbit

E. Recipes

Dalgona coffee was the most searched recipe on Google. Dalgona Coffee is a cold latte drink that comes with a velvety smooth and sweet coffee foam on top. In April, its searches were at their peak because Lockdown was implemented in different countries, and people were very fond of drinking Dalgona Coffee. You can see pizza was in the fourth position. 

1) Dalgona coffee

2) Ekmek

3) Sourdough bread

4) Pizza

5) Lahmacun

6) Beer bread

7) Banana bread

8) Pita bread

9) Brioche

10) Naan

For more categories, you can find the link below to find the top 10 trends 


Some Interesting Global Facts

“how to be an ally” phrase was searched more than “how to be an influencer” worldwide.


Every year how to be an influencer is higher than how to be an ally, but this year it has flipped.

Search interest for “sunset near me” reached an all-time high in 2020 due to Lockdown. 


Black Lives Matter was searched worldwide because of George Floyd – increasing five-fold compared to the previous year.


Dance! this year’s top trending dance was the coffin dance.


People searched for mask emoji more and surpassed searches for hug emoji(warm smile with an act of hugging). Because hugs are great, but hey… wear a mask.


This year, people focused on helping others more than focused on themselves – in this pandemic year, how to donate was searched 2x more than how to save money.


How to be a teacher was searched highest in 2020 ever.


The worldwide people searched how to help… more than ever.

Top trending how to help: 

how to help australia fires, 

how to help Black Lives Matter, 

how to help during coronavirus, 

how to help beirut.


Worldwide searches for cranberry juice were at an all-time high – but the reasons were not conventional, you think.


Insomnia was searched highest in 2020 due to coronavirus & world standstill.


Rising seas. Deforestation. Greenhouse gases. Wildfires. In 2020 people are searching how to stop climate change more than ever.


How to start a vegetable garden search were doubled as much in 2020 as in 2019.


Remember to breathe. Meditation was searched worldwide.


In the year 2020, George Floyd was the most searched “George” – historical figures, eclipsing celebrities, musicians, and authors.


Pawan Kumar

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