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Google has accepted “Yes, it is listening your personal chats”

Artificial Intelligence is working to make our life better. In this series, voice recognition technology like assistance in mobile phone and smart speaker at home are there to make our life easier. Without knowing human understanding and behaviour, nobody can make the right product or can’t improve the outcomes. But what out our privacy and confidentiality about chats in our bedroom, drawing rooms and any other confidential pieces of information like our user names and passwords and more. Can they be recorded intentionally or unintentionally by the voice recognition technologies (smart speakers and applications)

Google Smart Home Speaker

Google launched its Googe Home device in 2016, and now, millions of people are using these speaker devices at home and in their office. Google Assistant is also widely used by mobile users. Similarly, Amazon Alexa was also launched in November 2014.

But recently according to a newspaper where they mentioned that Belgium language scientists have claimed that yes google is recording users personal chats.  After it, Google has accepted that yes the are recording users chats and send these chat records to the subcontractors. Though Google claimed that these recordings are listened to make voice recognition technology better, but after this acceptance by Google, the users’ privacy and confidentiality has a big question mark.

Some days back, Google Assistant’s recordings in Dutch languages were leaked on Belgium broadcaster VRT. They told in their report that Google listens to sensitive information and personal chats like male search porns, heat discussion between couples and many more.Google Assistant Logo

On a reaction on this VRT report, Google reacts “This work is crucial to develop new technologies”. Google accepts that it is working with language experts across the globe to improve speech recognition technology. Google’s spokesman for Belgium added, “This work is of crucial importance to develop technologies sustaining products such as Google Assistant.”

Google accepts that its language experts only judge .02 per cent of all audio fragments. The recordings are disconnected to any personal or identifiable information to keep the privacy and confidentiality of the users, the company adds.

amazon_alexaHere, we want to say that Google is not the only company that is recording chats. In April, the Bloomberg news agency has also revealed that American Internet Company Amazon has also does it. It also had evidence that like Google, Apple subcontracted to train its popular search assistant Siri.

Now, we have to think about our privacy and confidentiality in our home, offices and anywhere on our phone. Because any mishappening may give your data in the vulnerable hands and the wrong happening can be done quickly.

Yes, you can stop it, but there are only three ways that are:-

  1. Switch off the recording option
  2. Delete old recordings
  3. Switch off the microphones

As such these are the only ways to protect from any eavesdropping from this technology.

Pawan Kumar

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