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Does the value of the inbound links to a website depreciated with time?

This is interesting to know how is the age of a inbound link which benefits a website over the time.

The topic has recently discussed during the Google Webmaster Central hangout on 1st May’20.

When a site owner asked this interesting question to John Muller, Google webmaster trend Analyst.

The query was” Does the value of an inbound link depreciated with time?

In simple words if a backlink’s value decreases over the span of time?

Over the query, John responded, that’s not the case, atleast not entirely,

However it is still not accurately calculated that a new link is less valuable than a old backlink.

So how the calculation works at all?

Google analyst Muller, described:

“Purely from an SEO point of view – on the one hand, it feels like you’re probably focusing too much on links. On the other hand, it’s not so much that we keep track of the age of the links, but rather that sites evolve.”

It means it all depends on the relevance of the content which is holding the link.

Let’s get into some deep:

That’s clear that a links value can be changed over time.

However it’s based on how website’s content has evolved, it means Google doesn’t evaluate a link’s age and assign a value based on its age.

For example if we take a news article on which a newly build backlink has a significant value. But as the time goes, the value of news become less relevant over time thus the value of a backlink also depreciates.

And it’s opposite: a evergreen article which evolves the value of the content retain relevance over the time will continue to hold the value based on its authenticity.

Thus the backlink’s value also increases with the time of such articles means it’s safe to say that a low value backlink could increase value over time as the content go forward.

Let’s come to the conclusion:

At the end we could say that there is no way to calculate the value of a link from its age, however it depends on the content progress over the years.

Here is the video:


Manish Mishra

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