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Knowledge and Concepts of Digital Marketing & Management

Are You Implementing the AIDA Model in Designing Your Social Media Campaigning?


Digital marketer or social media marketing manager running social media advertisement must know about AIDA Model. They should assimilate it into their social media advertisement planning.

What is the AIDA Model

A => Attention/Attract (Awarness)
I => Interest (Learning)
D => Desire
A => Action (purchase/trial/consupmption/share/subscribe)

Here we will discuss each element of this model, but before we start this, we need to understand the product life cycle or in which stage our product is. If your product is new, you need to focus more on creating awareness about the product, and your budget allocation should be as per that.


Your primary focus is to create awareness about products & services, and your text copy and creatives should be competent enough to grab attention. You need to design your message to attract a target audience to see your ad and engage with it in any way to share, like, comment, and click. The engagement will tell how much your ad campaign is effective and successful in attracting your target audience.

If you have a new product or service, you should go with multiple messages and check which message is more powerful and attract the target audience.

Example: in your creative and text copy, you can ask a question to engage people like you can say, “Are you facing pest problem in your office or home” instead of saying, “we offer pest control services.”
You can also have a catchy line like Google Ads has “With Google Ads, keep quality customers coming and your business going.”





Some marketers say that Interest and Desire are almost equal, and there is no difference in this. Here the main focus is on the audience who have already engaged with the content, willing to know more about the offerings. Here you need to describe the product and service more and give its every important detail and the benefits.

Here your target audience should be those who have already engaged with your other post, Like your business page, or visited the website.
Your message should be designed to elaborate on the product and service well so target customers can come to know more about it.






In Desire, customers have come to know about your product and service well and have shown interest in offerings. Now they find whether the offering can fulfill their needs or requirements. If the product and service are fulfilling their needs, they will go ahead.
For this, you need to identify your existing customers’ common problems and add them in the copy to know how it will solve their problem.

You need to strengthen the customer’s belief in your product and service. You can enhance by adding some hard data like any survey results about your products, testimonials, reviews, and any recognition that strengthens customer belief.


Action for your ad campaign can be purchase, subscription, signup, lead form submission (inquiry). Such an audience pool can be people who showed interest and visited your site but have not completed the desired action for them. You can design offers and attract them to achieve the desired action.
After purchasing, you need to think about customer retention and their satisfaction to grow your business.


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