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Two Ways to Optimize Your Google Ads Campaigns

When you run your ad campaigns, you put an effort to get more outputs in the existing budget. These efforts are considered optimization. As an advertiser, optimization helps you to not only enhance your output but also advance the google ad bot to understand your conversion.

We will learn how you can optimize your google ad campaigns well. Here are two ways of doing it.

  1. Media Mix Optimization

  2. Channel Optimization

1. Media Mix Optimization:

In this way of optimization, you need to analyze the ad spend and ROI of different media channels. As an advertiser, you should shift your media investment from one media channel that has a lower ROI to another media channel has higher ROI.

Let’s have an example; If your display ad has a higher ROI than a video ad, you need to cut down the budget of your video ad and enhance the budget of your display ad. We never suggest that you discontinue the low ROI ad campaigns without maximum optimization of it.


2. Channel Optimization

In channel optimization, you specifically focus on a particular channel and analyze the business ROI and make changes to have maximum impact on business outcomes. Here are different ways available in various channels for optimization. There are three main types of channel optimization you find.

  • Bidding: Here, you make changes in your bid to acquire more customers. Here you find a rich set of auction-time signals and recommendations to optimize your bid. You optimize your bid considering various factors such as location, timing, keywords, platforms, etc.
  • Creative: After analyzing your outcomes and CTR, you can customize your assets to serve the right message to the right moment and the right users. Example your video length, creative type, and ad copy.
  • Targeting: Analyze your target audience well and reach the most interested audience for your business. You should understand which type of audience action on your as which is not, and as per that, you can exclude the audience and keywords from your channel campaign. Use automation to optimize your targeting well. Example ad relevant keywords and exclude irrelevant keywords from your search campaign. In your display campaigns ad in-market audience, or create an audience set in your google analytics, use it in your display campaigns to enhance the sales volume.

Including above-discussed optimization, you should follow the recommendation given in your ad panel and use a performance planner to get a forecast about your ROI and take steps as per the recommendations.

Pawan Kumar

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