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Top 7 ways how to leverage social media for brand awareness

Leveraging social media for brand awareness is something which is crucial for brands now a days as social media is a part of daily life nowadays specially for younger generation. New generations share all their happy and sad moments of life on social media.

Social Media is a platform for users to engage with other and the level of engagement is optimal.

Brands are utilizing social media for their brand awareness campaigns and leveraging this platform to reach broader audience.

Doesn’t matter if you are running a local business or approaching the global audience, Social media is all set to reach up to your desired audience.

Here in this article I will let you know how it is essential for your business to utilize social media for the brand awareness.

Setup your business page on social media:

The first thing to start with social media, you need to make your business page on various social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc.

Add appropriate information related to your business, like a brief introduction about your business, appropriate images, banner images, put your correct address, your website address, your contact details etc.

Please create your brand identity by selecting appropriate color and images, and continue with the same color combination on all social media channels rather using different themes, banners and color combinations on different social media accounts.

See branding is an essential element for any business; hence always try to put best efforts to brand your business in right direction.

Start Sharing content on Social Media:

Once you setup your business page on social media, start sharing the engaging content on the platform which attracts a user’s attention.

Do not expect any lead from the campaigns as this is an initial stage where your focus should be to reach to maximum audience.

Sharing content isn’t mean you are sharing a typical campaigns which are more difficult to understand or less engaging.

Try to make content based on user’s intent, mean why a user is visiting on social media?

Different social media platforms have different USP’s and you need to understand the audience and should create the content accordingly.

Like you can create a quiz, polls, events, testimonials, product demo etc. so that a user at least engage with the campaign.

See there is a term in digital marketing which is recall value.

Recall value means, it’s not necessary if a user is engaging with your product or service right now means he will be your customer from first day.

But whenever they will be looking for such products or services, they should remember your brand to consider.

Means your brand should memorize to them to act at that time, thus you should always create your campaigns in a way where you could reach to your potential customers.

Increase your audience:

To reach a broader audience, you should invite people to like or follow your page thus try to increase your audience from different type of organic and paid campaigns.

If you are running a local business, then you can run the paid campaign targeting to your local audience to engage with your brand.

Or you are looking for a specific audience range in other city or country, social media has a power to deliver your campaign to your target audience.

See what your competitor is doing:

Try to focus on your competitor, this is a competitive era, and you need to stand out from your competitors.

Hence it is very necessary to keep an eye on your competitors, try to put a healthy competition with your rivals, remember they are your rivals not enemy, please note, do not share any opinion or any negative thought about your competitors.

If possible engage with your competitor, appreciate their efforts on their post if it is really looks awesome.

Create a healthy competition and adopt the latest things to your campaigns to make it more engaging and competitive.

Consistency is key to success:

Please make a note as consistency is a key to success; always bring your thoughts into action with attractive and engaging campaigns consistently.

Social media needs consistency and stats are more frequently goes ups and downs on social media.

So be consistent on social media platforms, try to schedule your campaigns on daily basis. Try different time schedules, analyze the performance and try to put latest campaigns in the time-frame which is most engaging.

Be Responsive:

be responsive for utilizing social media for brand awareness

Activeness is also plays a vital role when it come to audience engagement, try to response as quickly as you can.

There might be a query or complaint, don’t be lazy on responding such queries. Response time should be less than an hour.

Please make a note that response is also a kind of customer delight; always delight your customers or users with a prompt and positive response.

Try to understand their query and respond sensibly, do not reply like a bot. Be kind on customer queries and reply responsibly.

If it’s a complaint, try to sort out it as soon as you can rather delaying on investigations and blame games.

Track Progress:

social media brand awareness track progress

Analytics is a very crucial tool for any business which help business owners to understand how their campaigns are working, which got boost and which was declined by audience.

This activity help business owners to work on the results delivered, where is a gap, how to optimize further campaigns, which one was most popular, why other were declined etc.

See here it is very important to understand the audience response over the campaigns. Testing different types of campaigns help you grow your business in right direction.

Always be innovative, take chances, try different patterns for audience engagement, check what is trending, try to create campaign which relates to the real life topic trends etc.

Connecting with audience and serving them what they are looking for is a major USP of marketing.

I have doubt traditional methods always works well, hence doing experiments is not a bad idea.

Change is a part of life, thus everything needs a different experience to grow and marketing isn’t different. Off course, it’s also a part of dynamic world where we often oppose change but its reality as everything is required a change after a specific time frame.

If you have anything which i have missed, kindly comment below to let me know, I will try to update it further, also if you like the content, please like share and subscribe to get all new stuff based on digital marketing.

Manish Mishra

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