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Google sending an email for search traffic spike

Recently a news is coming out as Google sending an email informing site owners about the spike in search traffic for specific pages.

With the title “your page is trending up” indicating the page’s average daily clicks over the past few days.

Here in details, it showing your page clicks increased by a X% whereas your daily average clicks are Y%.

It is also mentioning the possible reasons on spike of traffic.

Here is the screen shot for the same.

Image Credit: Google Images

Google has sent this kind of emails in the past as well alerting site owners about the increase or decrease of traffic in weekly search traffic.

The current mail is different as the comparison period is only three days rather a week or month, which gives an opportunity to site owners to rectify the possible reasons and act accordingly.

Google’s John Mueller twitted on the same topic on a users query saying this is not often, we are not sending it as a usual activity until there is useful information to share. Its only be sent only if a page is getting higher than average clicks.

Image Credit: Google Images


These emails are only be sent for traffic spikes from organic traffic only, search console will not send any email if there is a traffic spike through other traffic sources like referral traffic from email or social media for example.

Google generally send the email through search console on monthly basis on your website monthly performance, containing the information about clicks, top ranking keywords, pages etc.

Image Credit: Google Images

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