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How to remove duplicates from google sheets

Three new and exciting features regarding format and work with data in Google Sheets

Google has recently has launched three new features that help you to clean up and work with your data sheets smoothly. Theses three features are

  • Remove duplicates entries
  • Trim extra whitespace from the cells
  • Compatible spreadsheets shortcuts

How to remove duplicates from google sheets

These three features will help end-users to have more filtered, advanced and clean datasheets.

Remove duplicates:

As per the gsuite team, this feature was highly requested. And now it is available in your datasheet. This tool can easily remove the duplicates values from your sheets, save time by eliminating the need to add an app script or manually remove duplicate data entries.

How to remove duplicates:

To remove the duplicate entries, you have to select the columns and rows of your datasheet.
Now you have to go on your sheets top bar click on “data” and selection “Remove duplicates” option
You will have a pop saying like below

popup for removing duplicates

Now here you can select or unselect any column or select all sheet to remove the duplicate entries from your datasheet.

Trim whitespace:

Any whitespace after the text can be removed now from the data sheets by going on the data tab and navigate to “Trim whitespace” options here. It helps you to remove any unwanted space from your datasheet and make format perfect.

Compatible keyboard shortcuts:

Now Google has added popular keyboard shortcuts from other spreadsheets in Sheets. These shortcuts make navigating and working with data in Sheets faster for users.
To enable this shortcuts to go on the “Help” tab and select option “Keyboard shortcuts” or press Ctrl + / to open the keyword shortcuts and now enable them by clicking the activate button below


These three are the latest update by Google Suite, which may help you to use Google data sheets smartly.

Pawan Kumar

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