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Learn the Six Steps Route to Improve Efficiency

Understand your operation: Know your operation well enough to improve it.

Set the right objectives: Keep the right objectives to steer the improvement

Improve work processing: Identify and eliminate non-value or wasteful activities.

Increase capacity: Understand the demand well and how efficient your resources are

Continuously improve: Have a systematic approach for constant improvement.

Check customer perception: Identify how effective your efforts have been


Learn the Six Steps Route to Improving Efficiency Infographic

Understand your Operation:
To make your process efficient, you first have to understand the operation well. Without understanding the operation, if you implement any strategy to make process efficient, your efforts may go in drain. So it is always suggested to understand the process thoroughly. This is applied to all kinds of business processes.

Set the Right Objectives:
After understanding the business operation, you need to set the right objectives. Your objectives should be SMART. We have already discussed SMART Objectives in our different blogs.

Link: SMART Objectives for Driving Success

Improve Work Processing:
Here you should identify the non-value or activities which are only a waste of time or non-productive considering to meet your set objectives. Identify and eliminate them. For example, in digital marketing, if you view your analytics, again and again, it can be the non-value activities.

Increase Capacity:
You should identify your existing demand well and also forecast future demand. So, you can channelize your resources and material well. Identify the efficiency of your Resources. If you feel they require any training, then get organized an excellent training program to impart proper training to them so they can become efficient and help you to increase the productivity and capacity to deliver any demand.

Continuously Improve:
Continuous improvement is very much required to optimize a process, and this leads to profitability and productivity. Continuous improvement can be the assimilation of any innovation or implementation of new ideas. It can be any approach that results in improving the efficiency of the process.

Check Customer Perception:
After implementing all the above elements of process efficiency, if you don’t take feedback, you can’t understand whether your process improvement or efficiency is productivity or not. Now the best person who can give you feedback is your customers who can provide you the right feedback about the outcomes of your process improvement. Feedback can be for your services or products, which are the outcomes of efficient process and comparison with before implementation.

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